Geography Investigation

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Geography Investigation

What make Tiong Bahru an inclusive housing?

They have amenties like ramps for the baby stroller or wheelchair bounds.The houses there are affordable for people living there. The place look unique and this let the people living there feel proud of themself and have a sense of belonging at there.

Tiong Bahru Characteristics

Tiong Bahru is the first housing estate in singapore.It is one of the oldest heartland in sinagpore and even though over the years upcoming new launch condos like highine residences are being built in that region .the entire estate will be conserved its unique art decorations architectural styles and historical value.

Tiong Bahru is a town in Singapore with architectural , Culture and historic signigicance.

It was developed in the 1920s as Singapore's first public housing estate and remains the only exclusive public not built by the HDB.

Geography Interview

Name of interviewee: Josept Ng

Gender : Male

Age : 43

Date:14/3/2016 Time: 10.31am

Q1How long you stayed at Tiong Bahru ?

30 Years

Q2 Do you find your house expensive?

Last time no, now yes

Q3 Is it convient when you need to go to shops or market?


Q4 What characteristics of Tiong Bahru make you feel sense of belonging?

The unique 4 Storey Houses

Q5 Do you like staying in Tiong Bahru ?


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