Job description

In the medical field, ultrasound technicians are also called diagnostic medical sonographers. If you are a mother or if you are pregnant, then you should have come in contact with an ultrasound technician. They specialize in the application of ultrasonography. Their job scope is expanding gradually owing to the high demand for qualified diagnostic imaging professionals. They work in hospitals, outpatient care centers, medical and diagnostic laboratories and physician offices.It is a journalist's job to find news and to report on it as quickly as possible, in an arresting and engaging style.Whether reporting on a local planning decision or a dramatic international conflict, journalists play a key role in society. They keep communities informed and satisfy the public's right to know.Most journalists start out as general news reporters

Ultrasound Tech-It takes about 18 months or 2 years to get an assoicate degree. The job outlook on ultrasound techs are always good. Lowest earning income is $44,900, and highest is $91,070. Journalist school takes 2 years. Their job outlooks are decling by 13%. The average earning potenial is $25,100 a year. Journalist are similair to a news broadcaster.