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Welcome Back to School!

Letter from Principal Nelson


On Tuesday, August 17th, we get back to the business of getting back to business! What business do you ask? The business of taking care of kids and helping them become their best version of themselves.

Taking care of kids means so much more this year than any other year, and here are a few examples of the things we are doing right now that go above and beyond the CDC suggestions for opening schools:

  • Classrooms open up each day at 8:00 to receive kids. This eliminates large gatherings in our common areas. Prior to 8 am, students who arrive early (after 7:45 am) will head either to the cafeteria (8th grade) or to either side of the big gym (6th and 7th). From there, we will release them to their first period of the day.

  • “Grab and go” breakfast to eat in the classroom.

  • Staggered dismissal at the end of the day. First floor = 3:42 pm. Second floor = 3:46 pm. Third floor = 3:50 pm. This will help lessen the crowding at pick-up.

  • Stairwells that only go in one direction. The silo stairwell goes up and the north stairwell goes down. We’re telling our kids to think of these stairwells as escalators.

  • Students will apply hand sanitizer upon entering each classroom.

  • Prior to leaving class, students will assist in cleaning their desk/workstation with sanitary wipes.

  • Desk shields are available for each desk in each classroom.

  • Bathrooms will be closed during passing periods. Students will need to use the restroom, after signing out, from their classroom.

  • Water fountains will be closed. We urge all students to bring refillable bottles as the refill stations will all be functional.

  • Assigned (by class) seating indoors in the cafeteria.

  • Assigned (by class) seating outside.

  • More outside seating this year (we just received a donation of 10 new picnic tables!)

  • Acrylic, clear dividers adhered to all cafeteria tables.

  • Personal dividers for cafeteria seating upon request.

These are but a few of the systems and procedures we will be implementing on a daily basis to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We know there is no way to 100% guarantee nobody will get sick this year, but if and when they do, it will not be due to negligence on our part.

Mask Ordinance: Beginning Wednesday, August 11, students, staff, and visitors will need to wear face masks when on school properties. We know our students will respond in kind because we have a community that cares. We have spoken with all of our staff and they all know that in Smallville we are not political, we are polite. Being considerate of others is and always has been the right thing to do. 100% of our staff will be wearing their masks in an effort to curb the spread of Covid and to make sure everybody else feels comfortable. We love our students’ generosity and kindness and are certain they will adhere to this rule so as to protect their fellow classmates and to put everybody’s minds at ease. With all the turmoil and changes our adolescents face each second of each day, the absolute last thing we want to do is to add any more uncertainty or fear to their ever-changing world.

We are so excited to be back in the classrooms working with students again. When polled, the majority of our teachers said the thing that they cannot wait for the most for this upcoming school year is noise.

Within reason of course.

Have a great last weekend of summer and thanks for letting us work together with you and your students.

Matthew Nelson


Clint Small Middle School

(512) 841-6705

Bus Information

If you live in our attendance zone, but more that 2 miles away from school, you are automatically eligible for the school bus. To find out where and when to catch the bus for school go to the AISD School Bus Finder and enter your address. Choose the school you need a ride to and click find. It will tell you your bus number, pickup and drop off times and locations.

First Day Jitters

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the first day of school.

  • What do I need to bring? Be sure to bring your charged chromebook and charger, some basic supplies like some spiral notebooks and pens/pencils. A mask, A refillable water bottle, A snack, Lunch (or you can eat for free in the cafeteria). Don't worry so much about anything else for the first few days, your teachers will tell you what you will need going forward.
  • Where do I get my schedule? On the first day of school, go to the cafeteria windows or the hallway by the buses. There you will find all students names listed with their Pride Teacher name and classroom. Starting at 8 am you will go to your Pride class and they will hand you a printed version of your schedule and help you figure out what classes to go to for that day. It will be a B day so at 8:30 the bell will ring to go to your 2nd period class.
  • What if I get lost? This is a big fear for first time students every year. Please don't worry. We give you plenty time to figure out where you need to be and will have friendly adults in every hallway to help guide you to your next class. Just ask and we will get you where you need to be. There will be no tardies the first week or so as we let everyone get acclimated to school.
  • Should I bring a lunch? Up to you. Lunches are free this year, but until you get the layout of lunch, it might be helpful to bring one from home.
  • Where do I get dropped off/picked up? If you are a bus rider, See the Bus info in this newsletter. If you are a car rider, or walker, please pull up to the front of the school for drop off or pick up. Do not drive into and drop off or pick up in any of our parking areas, but just follow the cars to the front drive.
  • Can I use my cell phone? When you are on campus, you need to have your cell phone off and put away. We are a no cell phone school. If you need to contact a parent or vice versa, you can use the phones in the front office.
  • I am in Band what do I need? All the first day info for band can be found at

Really everything you need to know can be found in the Parent Information guide

For more FAQ see below:

New to Small?

We are working on a FAQ, (It is actually an old one we are in the process of updating), but it is chock full of helpful information that we thought some of you might want access to. If there is something that you need and you can't find there, feel free to email and I will add it.

Small Middle School FAQ

Outdoor Seating Fundraiser

With one little post on Facebook on Friday, in less than 24 hours, we were able to hit our goal of $3600 for outdoor seating. Thanks to all of you who donated!!! For those of you that hadn't heard about it and would like to help, we are going to leave this open. Any extra money we receive we will put towards adding shade over as many tables as we can.

Check out the outdoor seating fundraiser:

Cross country

If your student is interested in joining cross country, please plan to attend a virtual parent meeting on August 19th, starting at 5pm. Click here to sign up for the meeting. We will start practice on the morning of August 24th and our last meet will be October 2nd. Please reach out to Ms. Krier at or Ms. Diaz at with any questions.

All three grades can participate

Calling ANY student working on their Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Silver Award!!!!

NJHS has a great project idea that would be a perfect opportunity for you to work on your requirements for the BSA and GSUSA awards!!!! Please contact NJHS sponsors or for more information.


Does your student have a district issued Chromebook for the new school year? One of the up sides of this pandemic is that AISD has finally reached a one-to-one ratio with Technology. We now have the tools that we have been hoping for, for years. Each student will need to bring their charged Chromebook to class every day. If you don't have a school issue Chromebook please come by the main office any day between 8-4 (except this Friday 8/6) to pick one up.

Chromebook Q & A

Q. Can my student use their own laptop?

A. Yes, but we don't recommend it. Some laptops have trouble connecting to the district wifi, your student will not be able to use personal laptops for district official testing, and the wear and tear of a student going to 8 classes a day are just a few of the reasons.

Q. My student has a district issued chromebook, but it is not working correctly, What do we do.

A. Swing by the front office for an exchange. We can check in your old not working laptop and exchange it for a new one.

Q. I will be going to Small next year, but I am not yet enrolled, can I get a chromebook?

A. Please enroll ASAP, as it does take 24 hours for the district to populate the option for chromebook.

Please don't wait until the first day of school. We know the main office will be crazy that day and we hope to get the chromebook issues out of the way before hand.

If you have questions email

2021-2022 Bell Schedule

We have submitted our Bell Schedule and A/B Calendar to the district.

You will notice we are doing something new with both!

2021-2022 A/B Calendar - 8/12/21 Rev.

2021-2022 Daily Bell Schedule - 8/1/21 Rev.

7th & 8th Grade - Football\Volleyball Try-outs

IMPORTANT: Students must have their physicals and Rank one information completed before they can try out. - They will be sent home if this is not done.

The physicals for the 2021-22 school year can be downloaded from the Austin ISD website:

Rank One UIL Portal

Try Outs

Both Football and Volleyball will have try-outs on the first & second day of school. If your student would like to try out, they MUST have their Physical and Rank One Information completed.


Practices for both sports begin on Thursday. Football and 8th grade Volleyball are afterschool. 7th Grade Volleyball will be before school.

Zoom Football Parent Meeting - This meeting was held on August 10th, click on the presentation they discussed below.

School Supplies

As you may have heard, most middle and high school students don't shop for school supplies until after the first day of school. The reason is, every class has their own needs.

This is a little frustrating for those parents that want to get a jump on the good deals that go on during summer and not wait until everything is sold out. We have created a basic sample list to get you started. If you see a good deal, go ahead and pick up some of the items below.

School Supply List BASIC ITEMS TO GET YOU STARTED until class specific lists are received:

  • Pencil pouch
  • Poly folders with pockets and brads, various colors
  • Blue or black pens
  • #2 pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Highlighters – six colors
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Glue sticks
  • Notebook paper
  • Composition books (not spirals, one per class)
  • Binders, dividers
  • Backpack (large enough for supplies as no lockers are assigned)
  • Earbuds
  • Hand sanitizer

NICE TO HAVE and may or may not be required:

  • dry erase markers
  • pencil sharpener
  • planner
  • index cards
  • flash drive
  • wireless mouse
  • tissue
  • combination lock for gym locker
  • water bottle

Note: what is also different in Middle School is that you keep your extra supplies at your house and restock through the year as needed. Please do not bring all your supplies to school like you did in Elementary. Keep everything at home, stock your backpack with what you need and then re-stock as needed.

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Join PTA

We have an enthusiastic new team of Parents heading up the PTA this year. We are excited to partner with these amazing volunteers. If you have any questions regarding PTA, be sure to email our president Celeste Schooley with any questions.

In the mean time show your support for Small by joining the 21-22 PTA at

Did you know as a PTA member, you have access to discounts for car rentals,

hotels, theme parks and more? Check out this link for more perks

Gifted and Talented

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! Look for this logo in each week's Cougar News to find out the latest happenings in CSMS GATE (Gifted and Talent Explore).

Coming up! Parent nominations for students to be included in the GATE identification process will be open from Sept 14-24. A link to the nomination form will be included here, or you may pick up a paper form from the office from Sept 14 and snail mail it back by Sept 24th. ONLINE NOMINATIONS ARE GREATLY PREFERRED! Nominations, online or mailed, MUST be received by midnight on Sept 24. If your student was already identified in the GATE program in any category in AISD in another middle school or in elementary school you do NOT have to re-nominate them. [http://complete a Voice and Choice assignment]Here's a link to GT FAQ S'more. Please look here for answers to your GATE questions. If you've read the GT FAQ and you still have questions, please email your campus GT Advocate

Need help?

Have You Registered Online for the 2021-2022 School Year?

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Listen to Mr. Nelson Talk about Registration

For all families registering new or returning students, a Parent Cloud Account must be created before you can access the online registration system.

Please visit to create a Parent Cloud Account.

For specific questions regarding online registration, contact

For all other registration questions, contact

Parent Guide to Online Registration: English Spanish

*Registration must be completed annually.

Use the Online Registration Status Self Check to verify if online registration is complete.


Since we have so many families that live outside our attendance zone, we are trying to create some carpool groups for next year. If you are interested is a possible carpool for next year, fill out this form.

Cougar Club

We are bringing back Cougar Club for the 21-22 School year! If your student needs a safe place to go after school enroll them into Small's Cougar Club. Click here to register for next year.

Check out the flyer below

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Green Academy Blog

Did you know the Green Academy has a blog? Check it out!