Career Project by Dylan Nguyen


My True Color Test was gold. Gold means I follow rules and authority. I am loyal, caring, concerned, well organized, dependable and faithful. My secondary color is orange. Orange means I am charming, spontaneous, impulsive, eager, bold, and physical. I am thankful for being gold because on my job of being an orthodontists I am well organized and caring. Caring is good if you're an orthodontists because it shows that you really want to fix their teeth, posture and the way they look. I could make all people's teeth straight and clean.


For my career choice I decided to chose to be an orthodontist because they make a great salary. They make $187,200 and more. Orthodontists would study diagnostic records, dental histories, take photos of the patient's teeth, face and also x rays. Orthodontists need an additional of four years of college. Projected job growth is likely. I think an orthodontist would be good choice, because I was always interested in math and science.


I chosed Louisiana State University because LSU hase my career I want an orthodontist. Tuition fees cost-three-thousand-five-hundred-thirty-six dollars. Cost for food and a dorm would be around one-thousand-seventy dollars. LSU is located in Louisiana that is where I will be going to school. While I am in college my parents will be paying for my education because I will not be able to pay for it. They would help me pay for my supplies and the important things I need. Once I am out of college then I would pay my parents back for all the support they gave me and things they bought me.


I'm living in a one bedroom apartment that will cost me seven-hundred-seventy dollars. Utilities will cost me four-hundred dollars, food that I eat cost me about four-hundred dollars too. Transportation I don't need that good of a car so I will be using a used car that cost eight-hundred-eight dollars. Me personally I love clothes so clothes will cost five-hundred-fifty dollars. Most important is health care it cost one-hundred-sixty-five dollars. My personal thing like hair product and tooth paste etc will cost two-hundred-seventy-five dollars. Entertainment I don't really watch TV so it will be one-hundred-fifty dollars. The savings that I will have left over is one-hundred-eighty-eight dollars. Student debt loan cost one-hundred-fifty-five dollars. Monthly expenses will cost four-thousand-three-hundred-twenty-one dollars. Annual expenses will be filthy-one-thousand-eight-hundred-fifty-seven dollars. With everything bought the overall money that will be spent is sixty-four-thousand-eight-hundred-twenty-two dollars. If I get everything I want my life style will be great because I would have everything I want.