natural disasters

by cole davis

question 1

Pangaea is evidence that the plates have moved. It was all once together but over billions of years they have sperated. I found it in the science book in the section about plates. these plates are the lithospheric plates. The boundaries are divergent convergent and transform. Mid ocean ridges mark divergent boundaries. Volcanoes form near volcanoes. Transform is a place where two plates past each other.

breaking up sedimentary rock

question 5

Erosion is a destructive process in which water or wind loosens and carries away fragments of rock. The three types of erosion are running water winds ice. running water is the worst while ice is has the least power.

rocks are awesome

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rocks in the ground

rock cycle

the rock cycle makes lots of changes. An igneous rock can change into a sedimentary rock or a metamorphic. A metamorphic rock can change into a igneous or a sedimentary rock. All of the different types of rocks can turn into all of the other ones.


The way they form is they get crushing pressures and extreme heat. We can Identify them using the hardness test.

what i liked

I liked how we learned about volcanoes. Also i liked playing that mineral game