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#ThomsonRocks Week of: March 10, 2019

Important Information for You!

Positive Referrals

Don't forget to send your positive office referrals! To be honest, I haven't received very many and I know that you are all very busy, but I can tell you making these phone calls to parents makes their day and the looks on the faces of the kids is priceless. While it is great to recognize kids for 'special' things, this is also a great way to recognize those students who are always doing the right thing.

EduStaff Positive Performance Feedback

Speaking of sharing the positive...did you know that you can recognize our EduStaff Substitutes for the great things they do? Often we fill these out when there is a sub that is 'less than stellar', but you can also fill out one for positive performance. At the end of each year, EduStaff holds a banquet to recognize their employees with awards and employees can earn bonuses based on positive feedback. We have several substitutes that do an amazing job, if you would like to fill out positive performance feedback, please stop by the office to get the form.

Retention Date/Spring Conference Date

As you know the DEA took a survey to determine if moving the end of the third marking period was an option that interested teachers. While no official determination has been communicated to parents, I have talked with Sara and then the Leadership Team and we all agreed that moving conferences from April 3rd to April 10th. Although this does not line up with the proposed end of the marking period, it would allow students a bit more learning time and provide teachers an additional week to gather evidence of learning before meeting with parents. Please adjust your calendar for spring parent-teacher conferences on April 10th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. If there is a conflict, please see me by Wednesday, March 12th to discuss.

Reader's Workshop-Early Release Follow-up

During our Early Release PD, part of the time was spent discussing Reader's Workshop stations, schedules, etc. While I have been very hesitant to make blanket statements about the 'details' of how classroom teachers should structure this time or how parapros should be used because every classroom is different and I respect the autonomy of the each classroom, I have been asked about a couple of 'minimums'. So, when it comes to guided reading, you should be seeing a minimum of three groups per day with groups lasting 6-10 minutes. If you are going over 10 minutes, you will not get in three groups and you are probably over-teaching. When it comes to parapro use, remember they should be running a station or group that could not be done without adult supervision. I am happy, as I know Megan C. is, to work with any teacher who has questions or who would like direct feedback on a specific of their Reader's Workshop.

When You Hear - Crisis Team to..."

As everyone is aware, we have had to call for Crisis Team assistance quite a bit lately due to students struggling with big things. When you hear that the Crisis Team has been called to an area, no matter the area, please take caution if sending a student out of your classroom or making a specials switch. Often the student in crisis may be in the hallway and we want to do everything we can to protect students from seeing this and the dignity of the child going through it. So...please check the hallways before sending or moving students. Parapros be mindful of where the crisis is taking place and move students to a classroom if you are working in the hallway that is affected.

Active Schools Challenge...Wow!

I was so impressed with our pile of Active Schools Challenge tracking sheets that were turned in last week. Thank you for continuing to promote this wonderful opportunity for physical activity with your students and families.

Cardinal Code Focus for the Week: Classrooms

This week's Cardinal Code Lesson Focus for the week is Classrooms. While I know that you are always reviewing Cardinal Code in the Classroom, this week's focus allows a perfect opportunity to do Community Circle addressing something in the classroom that is not 'working'. For example, are the backpacks a mess? The boots in the hall? Are there always bits of paper on the floor? Are the books in the book area not put away properly? Is it a little to noise during workshop time? This week is a perfect time (as is any really) to do a Community Circle to address a problem...remember Community Circles are a way to building not only the classroom/school community, but also to give ownership and teach empathy.

Thank you for intentionally teaching the Cardinal Code to your students.

Bond Perception Survey

Michelle Edwards sent out a communication regarding a bond perception survey. Please take time to complete the survey by Friday, March 22nd.

Quotes Worth Reading

"You create your luck by working for what you want."


"I am not lucky.

You know what I am?

I am smart. I am talented

I take advantage of the opportunities that come

my way and I work really, really hard.

Don't call me lucky.

Call me a bad###.”

-Shonda Rhimes

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Celebrations & Announcements

Birthdays: No March

The Luck of March...

This week was a very 'lucky' week for Jenni Galbreath, who won a $450 classroom grant from Frankenmuth Credit Union. Jenni attended a banquet to receive her grant last Thursday night. Not only was she awarded the grant this year, but this is the third time she has won a grant from this organization.

Also this week, Thomson Elementary won a $1,000 Monthly Shop-a-Roo sweepstakes! We will be receiving an 'oversized' check along with the real one sometime soon. I would love to spend this money on something intentional, so if you have an idea please let me know.

A Little St. Patrick's Day Fun

All this week, wear a little green and get your name entered in to a drawing for one of five 'fabulous' prizes on Friday! Each day you wear green (that is visible), stop by the office and write your name on slip of paper and drop it in the bucket. Also, on Friday really step it up with the green and get your name entered twice.

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Monday, March 11th-Read a Shirt Day

  • Tuesday, March 12th-District Climate Committee Meeting

  • Wednesday, March 13th-ACC All Day Meeting; ELA Learning Labs

  • Thursday, March 14th-Feedback Training 9 a.m.-Noon (Natalie); Elementary Principal Meeting, Noon-2:30 p.m. (Natalie)

  • Friday, March 15th-GISD Elementary Principals Meeting 7:30-11:30 a.m. (Natalie); Trading Post

  • Week of March 17th-PLC Week

  • Monday, March 18th-Snuggle Up with a Good Book (PJ) Day; PTO Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

  • Tuesday, March 19th-PTO Pals

  • Wednesday, March 20th- Staff Meeting, 7:35 a.m. (Agenda: ALICE vs. Secure Mode; School Improvement)

  • Thursday, March 21st-End of the 3rd Marking Period; Jean Day for DEF; CMC 4-7 p.m. (Natalie & Sara)

  • Friday, March 22nd-NOW A 1/2 DAY SCHOOL DAY, Teacher PD Noon-3:00p.m.. (Agenda: Data, Comprehensive Needs Assessment, School Improvement Goals, Strategies, and Activities)

  • March 25-29th-Spring Break...ENJOY!