4C News

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Spelling Bee

Six 4C students have expressed interest in participating in the Spelling Bee! See the attached flyer for more information.

Farmers' Market

On Tuesday, October 2nd, our class will visit the Annual Farmers' Market which will be set up in front of the Elementary Building. Students are welcome to bring in a few dollars to buy local produce.

Open House

Thursday, October 18th will be our Annual Fall Open House. Parents are invited to come tour the school from 6-7:30pm. There will be no parent conference and/or party sign-ups that evening. The conference sign-ups will come embedded in next Friday's Newsletter as a link to SignupGenius. Party sign-ups will come the same way as we approach each holiday.

Safety Week

During the upcoming week, we'll be practicing several drills in the classroom. On Monday, I'll remind the kids of the drills and the procedures. On Tuesday, we'll have a fire drill and a lockout drill. The lockdown drill will take place on Thursday and we'll evacuate on Friday and meet at the First United Congregational Church.

Please remember that Friday is a half day for students.


Mrs. Close’s Class – The kids have been busy solving multi-step word problems! They have had to round to arrive at a “ballpark” answer. Then find the exact answer. The last step is to compare their ballpark with the exact number to determine if the exact answer is reasonable. Initially, these steps were challenging for the kids because of all of the work involved at each stage. They have risen to the challenge and are doing very well! The plan is to finish Module 1 next week. You’ll find two corrected topic quizzes in your child’s Friday Folder. Keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way, but please remind your child that the corrections have to be on a separate sheet of paper. The original answers shouldn't be changed.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have spent the past 4 days working on rounding to different place values. The kids are almost proficient in this skill. We will revisit it throughout the next few weeks. Yesterday we began adding numbers to the hundred thousands place. Most of the kids have a mastery of their addition facts. We also talked about using the term expression and equation. Ask your child to let you know the difference. Moving forward we will be looking at solving some CML problems and more lessons on addition and subtraction of larger numbers. I anticipate we will finish this unit the week we return from Columbus Day break.


During the past week the kids worked on making inferences. We're moving on to story elements next week. It's a perfect time to read Iroquois stories! Our small groups are up and running and we'll add word study to the mix within the next few weeks.


Eventually, the kids will write an opinion piece every week. PAWS now stands for Paragraphs a Week. The have drafted an essay on their favorite candy. They were charged with writing a two-sentence introduction, a body section that includes at least three reasons with explanation, and a conclusion. I will be edit each piece during the upcoming week.