Pro Evolution Soccer 14

Rom Tsunzer

The name of the game

The name is pes14

Where was the game made

The game was made in Japan

What is the game about

The game is about soccer
you choose some football team and beat the other one
you win league and Trophies

What do players in the game have to do

In the game the players need to play vs cpu or their friends
They need to choose two teams to play and
in the end one team wins

Why should people buy the game?

People should buy the game because :
That game was taken from the reality.
That game can give you information about football clubs around the world.
That game will help you find more friends from other countries by playing online.

What age group can play the game?

Everyone can play this game.
kids, teenegers, parents and even old people
that game is for evreyone!!

How nuch does the game cost?

The game costs 250-300 shekels and that is equal to 85$
but you can download it for free from the Internet
PES 2014 Trailer (Gamescom 2013)
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