Da He'e

The secrets of catching he'e


On wednesday, Aunty hi'ilei came to kualoa park to teach us about He'e.
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Good places to go to catch he'e

  • Pakole, Kahalu'u
  • He'eia
  • He kai 'o he'e ko kapapa
  • kawaha 'o ka māno

The preparation of the he'e

  1. catch he'e
  2. wash the he'e
  3. gut the he'e taking the eyes, brain, liver, and organs out. wash the he'e again
  4. wash he'e again
  5. tenderize the he'e by pounding it with hawaiian salt
  6. wash the he'e once more
  7. Boil the he'e
  8. Cut he'e up
  9. Put into pot with coconut milk and luau leaves
  10. mix
  11. all pau
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How to tell where he'e live and the best time to catch he'e

  • Old hole that has dirty rumble= no he'e
  • New hole that is clean= he'e living there
  • pohaku/koa puna: live coral where he'e dig
  • hard rock: one of the places where he'e like to dig
  • If there are crab leftovers near the hole, it's more likely to contain a he'e in the hole
  • best time to catch he'e: in the fall or on a nice, flat, sunny day
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Different types of he'e and different methods of catching it

  • muhe'e- decapod- 10 legged squid
  • he'e hawa'e- sea urchine; collector urchine
  • he'e hawale- covered up urchine
  • he'e pu limu kala- sit on top of hole & mimics movement of swaying limu
  • he'e lau mai'a pala- he'e would lay itself out , mimics it's surroundings, will be limp, lay there, and act dead
  • he'e palaha- just lays flat & mimics surroundings
  • luhe'e- octopus lure
  • walk-feet- when it's low tide and you walk out to catch he'e
  • lu'u kai- dive to catch he'e
  • if you go on a boat you would use a flat boat so you don't crush any coral
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How can we use the concepts of kāne/kanaloa to bring pono to our community?

  • Teach others about kanaloa and his roles
  • The cultural practice of catching he'e
  • How to prep he'e as a food
  • Teach others about invasive species (what not to get or eat)
  • Teach others about different reefs
  • Teach others about different methods on how to catch he'e
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We choose this song/video because it talks about the octopus/he'e.
The Octopus Song (Octopus Day)

Group Members

  • Tehya Almeida
  • Jon-David Tai
  • Jasmine Carlos