Activity #1- Earth's Caretakers

Your teacher will partner you up with another classmate and you will be creating a poster on word. Ida B's father said, "We don't own the earth. We are the earth's caretakers." Discuss this quote with your partner and brainstorm a list of different ways you can help take care of the earth and leave it better than they found it. You and your partner will create a poster with different pictures and descriptions saying how you can do this. The poster will need to be colorful and well thought out. You will be creating the poster on a word document so you can include any clip art, word art, or pictures that you want. You and your partner will be presenting the poster to the class on Tuesday, May 10th.

Activity #2- Flyer

For this activity, you will be creating a flyer on Ida B the main character in the book. On this flyer you will be including information on Ida B such as who she is, what she likes to do, where she lives, how old she is, and any other additional information you feel is necessary to include in the flyer. You will also need to include a section that explains how you connect to the main character, Ida B. Make sure to include any connections you have with her and how it makes you feel. You will be creating this flyer on a computer by going to a website which you can find Here. On this website you can explore different designs and layouts that would best fit your flyer.

You will have a couple days in class to complete the flyer but will need to finish it at home if you do not complete it in the class time provided. You will be presenting your flyer to the rest of the class Thursday, May 12th. The presentation will be 2-3 minutes of you explaining your flyer to the class and making sure to explain your connections also.

Activity #3- Book Report

Your final activity will be to create a book report on the book, Ida B. You will need to include basic information about the story such as setting, characters, summary, opinions, etc. If you need a reminder how to write a book report click here. You will be creating this book report any way you would like, but you have to use technology. You could use Prezi, PowerPoint, etc. You will have some class time to complete this activity but if you do not finish in class you will need to finish it at home.