Finch Flyer

A Weekly Email that says...."What up Finches"

A New Author

As RA selection and Housing are gearing up, I will now be taking over the Finch Flyer so that Molly can focus more of her energy on those two HUGE tasks. Lets just all take a moment to recognize that Molly is a beast at what she does. If you see her around this week be sure to give her a high five and tell her she's great!

Below are a couple of really awesome videos that I think are great. They are not all new but if you have a chance check them out.

Always #LikeAGirl

Open House

7-11pm every evening in your room

12pm-1am in the Lounges and Kitchen

24 Hours in the Front Lobby

RA Appreciation

Tell your RA one thing you think they are doing well this week! They work really hard to make Finch a fun and vulnerable place to live. Let them know you appreciate it.

You are Loved

You are so loved by the one who created us all. Don't forget that. He wants to just shake you and say "DON'T YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!" So pray often, Thank him always, and share his love.