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Dreaming Big for July!

Origami Owl has challenged us to "dream big" for the month of July and I am doing just that! Would you help me to reach my goals? I would like to have 10 Jewelry Bars this month, with 9 of the 10 being online parties. These are great for anyone who can promote a party online and invite friends to be a part of their Jewelry Bar. I am even willing to make some of these parties "fundraisers" and donate a percentage of the profit to a charity.

See below for our amazing business opportunity for anyone (and I mean anyone) to earn a little - or a lot - extra cash!

What is there NOT to love?!!

I really love having a home business! What I thought would bring in a couple hundred extra dollars per month, has been a significant source of income since the month I began with Origami Owl over two years ago! Not only that, I make my own hours, put in the time that I have and love meeting so many new people! To top it all off, I adore our products - jewelry that tells your own story! I would like to add YOU to my team! Would you join and help me meet my goal of adding 3 new designers in the month of July?