Happy Holidays!

Mystery Book Exchange~

The BEST Gift!

I feel strongly that the best gift we can give our children is a of LOVE of reading. With the love of reading and books all is possible. Through reading kids learn the perspectives of others and discover ideas that were not possible without the inspiration of a great book.

In an effort to foster this love of reading I am requesting that each child bring in ONE GIFT WRAPPED book to give a friend in our classroom (this will be a random friend, and not a specific friend). Inside the book your reader should place a card sharing why they chose to share this book and their name.

The books will be passed out randomly and all books will be unwrapped at the same time. Once the books are unwrapped kids will have the CHOICE of trading or keeping the book they received. The books can be gently used from your shelves at home or purchased. The only requirement is that it is a book your reader would be happy receiving.

This "Mystery Book Exchange" is in lieu of teacher gifts.

Please send books to school by Wednesday December 10. We will exchange the morning of the 19th.

Need book ideas?

Mrs. Nixon's Shelfari

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@Frazier1st's Shelfari

Don't forget our Hilliard library sells used books , you may find a bargain book there. Half - Price books on Bethel or Lane Ave. is another great resource! The possibilities are as near or far as you 'd like to go!