6th Grade Newsletter

October 23 - Nov 6

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10/21: PTO Meeting (Use the Zoom Link Below)

10/23: End of the 1st Quarter

10/25 - 10/30: Red Ribbon Week

10/26: Wear Red & Science Fair Meeting via Zoom @ 6pm

10/27: Wear PJS

10/28: Wear a Team Jersey

10/29: Wear Neon and Sunglasses

10/30: Wear a Hat & Report Cards are issued

11/05: Conference Night (5 - 7pm via Zoom)

11/06 : Next 6th Grade Team Newsletter

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Math with Mr. Zgonc

We just finished our journey into beginning Algebra, I can’t say for sure that everyone made it out alive…but they were all exposed to it. For the next few weeks we will be traveling into the area of parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids and many types of polygons! It should be a rip roaring good time…we get to measure all sorts of items so that certainly should be fun!


ELA with Mrs. Rumph

We are currently working on determining the meaning of words in context, with a specific focus on figurative and connotative meanings. Next week, we will be using the nonfiction article, “Halloween: The Hidden History” as we practice this skill. We will continue to develop our vocabulary with Lesson 7 of our Greek and Latin roots and prefixes. Additionally, we will be starting our unit on argumentative essays.

During the week of 11/2, we will practice identifying themes in literary texts. We will use the short story, “Thank you, Ma’am” as we practice this skill. We will continue with our Lesson 8 vocabulary and our argumentative writing unit.

Next week, we will also be starting a new reading log for the second quarter. Please continue to encourage your child to read for at least 20 minutes every day and complete their reading log each week.

Upcoming tests:

Friday, 10/30 - Article/skill Test

Tuesday, 11/3 – Vocabulary Lesson 7 Quiz

Friday, 11/6 - fiction story/skill Test

Tuesday, 11/10 – Vocabulary Lesson 8 Quiz

Social Studies with Mrs. Wallace

Topic: Exploring Four Empires of Mesopotamia

Students will be able to:

  • identify the location of the Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Neo-Babylonian Empires.
  • describe the military, economic, and cultural achievements of early Mesopotamian empires, such as Hammurabi’s Code.
  • evaluate the importance of Mesopotamian achievements.

Essential Questions:

What were the most important achievements of the Mesopotamian empires?

Hammurabi's Code: Was it just?

Vocabulary Words:

capital, code of laws, economy, empire, siege, tribute


Africa and the Middle East


Hammurabi's Code Debate, Reader's Theater, DBQ

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Stay current with these (TBD) dates on Bloomz.

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Science with Mrs. Wallace

Topic: Destination Space!!!

(We will resume Physical Science after Destination Space Curriculum is complete per district guidelines)

Essential Questions:

What challenges do scientists face with space travel and exploration?

How do STEM careers affect living and working in space?

What resources are needed to survive on Mars?

How can we design a vessel to land us safetly on Mars?

Pre-Launch Activities:

Mr. Kennedy Space Presentation via Zoom

International Space Station Tour by an astronaut

Nearpods: Mission to Mars, Mars Virtual Reality

NASA Technologies Discovery

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Stay current with these (TBD) dates on Bloomz.

A study guide will be provided that teaches students how to study effectively.

Zoom Codes for Absentees

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Current Informational Flyers

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Thank You For Your Continued Support!

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Contact Information

Mr. Zgonc (6th Grade Math)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46845

Mrs. Rumph (6th Grade ELA)


321-433-0050 Ext. 46846

Mrs. Wallace (6th Grade S.S. & SCI)


(321)433-0050 Ext. 46834