Flute Recital

Tegan Lancaster

Word Bank

Largo- very slow tempo

Treble Clef-Indicates the position of a note names on a music staff: Second line is a G

Four Four Time- Time with 4 beats per measure

Multiple Measure Rest- The number above the staff tells you how many full measure to rest. Count each measure of rest in sequence: Piano- Piano (play softly)

Mezzo Forte- Mezzo forte (play moderately loud)

Slur-A curved line which connects notes of different pitch. Tongue only the first note in a.

Decrescendo-(gradually gets softer)

Fermata- Hold the note (or rest) longer than normal

Thursday, April 16th, 9:15am

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND


This project was very fun and it taught me to be independent. It also taught me to look more closely at how long to hold my notes. This project is helping me grow and be more confident.