Analog VS Digital

By: Andrew Sackella

What is Analog?

Analog describes a device or system that represents changing amounts continuously.

What is Digital?

Digital describes any system based on start and stop events.

Examples of Analog Technology

Telephone- a telephone is an example of analog technology due to how it works, "the transmitter converts sound waves produced when you speak into the analog signal that travels through phones wires to the receiver of another phone. The receiver converts the analog signal back into the sound of your voice," (http:/

Analog Clock- An analog clock is an example of analog technology because it first has to be wound up to maintain the correct time, but then it record those movements and be able to display the time.

Record- This is an example of analog technology the disc player has to read then record the sound, in order to play it back later.

Examples of Digital Technology

Digital Watch- A digital watch is an example of digital technology because it shows the time , or works due to binary code. A digital watch displays the time, the watch is told what to display by a microchip which is used to recieve the binary code.

Computer (Monitor)- A monitor is an example of digital technology because it displays information, written in binary code. It works by receiving binary code then changing the code from 1s and 0s to a high definition image.

TV- A television is the last example of a digital device. A TV is classified as a digital technology because it receives the binary code which is transmitted via a cable box or satellite and turns the code into a display which we watch.

Analog Signals VS Digital Signals

There are two types of signals which carry information, digital and analog signals. They are both different in how they carry the information.


Analog signals are a continuous signal.

Analog signal look like sine waves, curvy in form.

An analog signal replicates the original sound wave.


Discontinous signals generated by a computer chip

Uses binary code to transmit information.

Once it recivies the signal, it interrupts the binary code, then plays a new sound which sounds like the original.

Analog Technology VS Digital Technology


Analog records the records the original waveform then transmits it for use.

Analog Technology will degrade over time.

Stored in the form of a wave signal.


Digital Technology takes samples and turns them into numbers which are then used in the device or technology.

Doesn't degrade over a period of time.

Sorted in the form of a binary bit.

Common Thread:

Analog devices are devices that have a continuous signal/wave.

Digital devices are devices that have a starting and stopping signal/wave.

Final Verdict

I would recommend that DIS uses digital technology and signals to create their video game. Digital is much better than analog. Digital technology doesn't degrade over time whereas analog does, meaning that if DIS made the game in digital form its quality would stay the same. Another reason why Digital is the better and more realistic choice is because digital technology can be infinite, consumers can buy the product online instead of having to go to a store where there is a limited amount. Lastly, digital technologies are much more reliable then analog technology because, the information is stored in 1's and 0's, analog information is stored in a wave form which can easily be lost. Due to the reasons above, I strongly urge DIS to use digital technology for their video game.

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