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Tichina James

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The Ottomans and the Mughals

The ottomans and the mughals were located in Southeastern Europe, And North Africa. Mehmed the second had ruled and had power over the force. Shah Jahan made a tomb called the Taj Mahal. Babur the eleven year old that was allowed to ruled some parts of India.

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Portuguese Explorers

Prince Heny nickname is is the navigator. Vasco Da Gama was discovered in his first voyage calicut in India. Bart Dias was founded in 1488 and explored the round tip of Africa and discover the cape of good hope. the ship caravel is the ship that wouldn't sail until the technology got better.
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Spanish Conquistadors

Date of the Spanish conquistadors is 1519-1521. Cortez conquer the Aztec. Cortez was a spanish explorer who march across Mexico. He had conquer the Aztec that was in Mexico. Pizarro had conquer in 1471-1541, he had conquer the Inca Empire. Magellan was the first to do sailing acroos the Pacific Ocean.
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English and French Settlers

Founder from the English colony of Jamestown its from 1607-2013. Jamestown settle in the 17th century. The pilgrims is a religious group they have became of a church in England. Jamestown is from England. Because the pilgrims will get persecuted as dissenter in England they moved to Netherlands, to England. So the pilgrims moved to america. Puritans were members of a English protestants of the late 16th and 17 centuries. Puritians are from north america. They left England to settle in america. Sameual de champion is from france, and New York City that called them the Netherlands at first.

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Global Trade

The columbian exchange is when they trade animals, fur, cultures, plants, and slaves. Triangular trade is almost like the columbian exchange accept that its three countries that are exchanging with one another. The middle passage seems mean and they had kept all the slaves going into Africa. The middle passage would buy or sell slaves known as trade. They used Africans as slaves because they could see them better in the day and with the native slaves you couldnt see them.
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China and Japan

The Ming dynasty is also called the Empire of great Ming says Wikipedia. the Ming leaders where all Chinese. Qing leaders are Manchurian, and Zheng He . Cjina didnt wanted to trade with Great Brittian. When Grat Brittian was in China the emperor had gave the Great Brittian a denied scroll . Japan had a shot guns guessing they were trading them with China and Tokugawa had made a closed country policy.