The Pull Toy

A.E. Stallings

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Author Biography

A.E. Stallings has lived and studied in Georgia, Athens and since 1999 she has been living in Athens, Greece. She has published three books of poetry and has won the Richard Wilbur Award. She has received fellowships from Guggenhiem Foundation. and McArthur Foundation.

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The Pull Toy

You squeezed its leash in your fists,

Following where you led:

Tick, tock, tick, tock,

Nodding its wooden head.

Wagging a tail on spring,

Its wheels gearing lackety-clack,

Dogging your heels the length of the house,

Though seldom you glance back.

It didn't mind being dragged

When it toppled on its side

Scrapping its coat of primary colors:

Loves has no pride

But now that you run and climb

And leap, it has no hope

Of keeping up, so it sits, hunched

At the end of its short rope

And dreams of a rummage sale

Where it's snapped up for a song,

And of somebody-somebody just like you

Stringing it along.

Some of the key things in this poem is that as you get older you tend to change things to do and change things you like. Also in stanza four it talks about having no hope for it to be played with anymore. The title of this poems means, once you get passed the literal meaning, is that it can never move how it wants and that it will always be following somebody of something.

The theme of the poem is that as the age of the human changes, you do not change. This is the theme because as the kid playing gets older the things he likes changes too.As the pull toy gets older it remains the same thing that does the same thing.
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