By: Isaac Lewis

What is the definition of Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil; growing plants without soil.

Drip System Hydroponics

Drip systems are one of the most widely used types of hydroponic systems around the world, both for home growers as well as commercial growers alike. That's mainly because it's an easy concept and needs few parts, but yet it's a very versatile and effective type of hydroponic system.

Ebb-Flow Hydroponics

The main part of the flood and drain system holds the containers the plants are growing in. It can be just one plant, or many plants/containers in series. A timer turns on the pump, and water (nutrient solution) is pumped through tubing from the reservoir up into the main part of the system using a submersible fountain/pond pump. The nutrient solution continues to fill (flood) the system until it reaches the height of the preset overflow tube so that it soaks the plants roots. The overflow tube should be set to about 2 inches below the top of the growing media.

Aeroponics Hydroponics

While the concept of the aeroponic system is quite simple, it's actually the most technical of all 6 types of hydroponic systems. However it's still fairly easy to build your own basic aeroponic system, and a lot of home growers like growing in them as well, and even get really good results using this type of hydroponic system.

6 Plants You Can Grow With Hydroponics

  • Flowers
  • Herbs
  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Vegetables
  • Watercress


  • Since the plant is not grown in nutrient-rich soil, growers are able to control the hydroponic nutrients.
  • Another advantage to indoor growing is being able to control all aspects of the growing environment.
  • Growing plants indoors allows individuals to create a garden inside their home, without the hassle of going outside in the dirt.


  • Putting together a hydroponic system isn’t cheap.
  • Constant supervision is required.
  • Micro-organisms that are water-based can creep in rather easily.
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