First Nations

There is more then 100 reserves in Ontario. The reserves the most people is the Six Nations of the grand river reserve in southern Ontario. There's a pageant called Wahdakeh the pageant has a lot of visitors and food, and crafts.
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Algonquin Pow Wow,Pikwakanagan First Nation of Golden Lake, Ontario.


There are some great lakes like St.Lawrence Lowland. St. Lawrence river connects the great lake to the Atlantic Ocean. Ontario has different things such as rivers, rocky landscapes , so you can find different rocks.
Great Lakes-St Lawrence Lowlands
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No mater where you are in Ontario you stile get all fore seasons. However Sothern Ontario and the northern don't have the same weather. The snow builds up offline it will sees up to 300cm.

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Ontario has many forest fires the dry land. Some community's had to be evacuated from the fires. The smoke can efface others areas out of Ontario. Such as Saskatchewan and others around.
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