Canvas and eLearning Tips

October 2018

Canvas Tips

If a course doesn’t show on your Dashboard in Canvas, it is probably still there. Courses can always be accessed by clicking courses on the left, then all courses. You can make courses return to your dashboard by clicking the star next to them when you first go to courses.

Worried about losing information in Canvas? Do your work on Google Docs. You can always work on Google Docs offline, and it saves automatically. When you are ready to transfer your work to Canvas, you can upload your Google Doc, or you can copy and paste your work if needed.

To be sure your Google items are available for offline access, just go to, sign in with your school account if needed, click the gear, then check that the offline switch is toggled to on.

Finally, remember that Skyward is the official gradebook. Some assignments may have grades in Canvas, but Skyward is where each student’s official grade is maintained.

Helpful Site!

If you or your child experience any technology-related problems for eLearning, submit a student helpdesk! This will go to the technology department, where a solution can be determined.

Helpful Videos

Below are some helpful videos. Most are Canvas-related, but the embedded video is steps to connect to Wifi from home. Also be sure to read the connecting at home guide.

Another helpful tip for connecting from home is that if you don't see the pop-up in the lower right or if you accidentally closed it, you can force it to show by going to a non-https:// site such as Then the Captive Portal pop-up will appear.

Other Resources

Here are links to other resources. Many are SCOH pages. Please make use of these. They have been created and/or shared to help you.

Student Helpdesk

Hobart's eLearning page-Canvas guides for parents and students are on this page.

Hobart's eLearning letter

Comcast's Internet Essentials program for reduced-cost Internet

This video will show how to download Canvas modules to view offline from a Chromebook. This will only work in modules. Work must be downloaded from Canvas while the device is online.

There has been one change (with the latest Chrome update). You now have to copy and paste the folder, once it is unzipped, into a different location. Then right click on the index folder, select "open with" and "view."

For example, go to downloads and unzip the folder from Canvas. Then copy the unzipped folder into a different spot. Now it should work correctly after you right click, select "open with" and "view."