Elm Class Update

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This week in the Elm class (as told by Elm students)

Maja shared her story when she first saw snow.

There are new materials in dramatic play. Things that the Lenape might have used.

We are starting a new thing in reading about series. So cool.

We are all published.

We added on the big model; flowers and sticks.

We went to the Natural History Museum. We saw almost everything the Lenape made, used, and borrowed.

My favorite thing was the model. (Teacher note- A model the Eastern Woodland homes and meeting places).

We saw old fashioned people from back in the day. They had a canoe made out of birch bark. Teressa brought back birch bark from Massachusetts. Maybe we can build a canoe!

We have a new center, white boards.

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We spent writing time this week working on making our stories ready for a reader. The bin in our library titled "Books by the Elm Class" is growing.

Once student feel they have finished their book, some have shared their story with the class and learned from questions and compliments.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to draft, revise, and publish personal narrative stories. Please continue to notice when your child experiences an event that they may want to record as a story. These ideas inspire their work when we draft in class.


This week we began to investigate book series. As a class, we investigates bin of books in a series. We noticed the qualities that connected these books together as a series. Students noticed that a book series has the same main characters and the same author. Usually, the characters name is in the title and we see them on the cover as well.

In the coming weeks, groups of students will choose a series to read and form a book club together.

Project Time

Our Brooklyn model is almost complete!
And our trip to the American Museum of Natural History gave us so much information about how Native Americans such as the Lenape used natural resources to meet their needs.

After the the break, we will dedicate our time to replicating some artifacts and creating a museum exhibit ourselves.

March your calendars for March 10 at 8:30 a.m. for our museum opening.

Thank you Gary for bringing in more Lenape artifacts for second graders to touch and use!

Lenape Museum

Thursday, March 10th, 8:30-9:30am

300 Adelphi Street


Come visit out Lenape Museum. Second graders will use natural materials to create their own projects inspired by our study of the people who lived in Brooklyn 400 years ago.

We will share our model as well.

Math this week

In Math we have begun to study three-dimensional shapes.
We have observed, described and compared 3-D shapes to 2-D shapes.
We have looked for these shapes in our classroom and played Mystery Block as a way to focus on the concepts of face, edge, and angle when describing and identifying these shapes.

You can look for these shapes in your homes and neighborhoods and talk about the shapes' attributes too.


February and March Shares

Shares will continue for the end of February and into March. Please consider talking with your child about something they would like to share with their class. If they did not sign up for these days, we will be sure they have a chance to share later in March or April.

This is a great opportunity for them to rehearse a story they may want to write as a personal narrative story. The story can focus on one important event in their everyday life.

Then can consider the setting and the characters in their story and tell the big events in the order they happened.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Enjoy the Winter Break!

We will see the Elm class again on Wednesday, February 24th!