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The living Tarot

Every human that ever has lived on this planet has experienced a sunrise, the beginning of a new day and the promise of what is yet to come. All humans also experienced the setting of the sun, the darkness of night and the fear of what is unknown to them.
The fundamental relationships with our mothers and fathers have marked all human life. All human beings have been nurtured and have nurtured, have been denied and have denied. All have faced the mystery of the 'other', another human, the other gender, or even different natures in themselves. All have to learn to walk, to speak, to make a living. All humans experience that life offers day and night, man and woman, breathing in and breathing out, the greatest joy and the deepest loss. Human beings build huts, castles or careers, have the fruit of their work tested, and meet with inevitable consequences.
They raise questions, about the meaning of their existence, often sparked when meeting disaster or misfortune. All have received strength when in harmony with loved ones or have been insecure when that harmony is lost. All have to loose, and all have to wait. All will meet lies and all will meet waste. Human beings will be shaken in their personal truths and in the same lifetime will sense an endless truth in the stars, in nature or in a deeper self. They will despair in realising limitations, and be arrogant when conquering them. They will receive a greater strength because of a greater cause. They will be for a moment awakened from the sleep of habitual life, by a change of scenery, an unexpected chance or by a calling from deep within them. All humans have lost themselves in play, in art or music and returned inspired, wise, creative, graced…

This is what the Tarot is about. The human experience in its core, kept in a spectrum of 21 influences, faintly coloured by time and space but transparent when perceived with objectivity. The Tarot therefore grants insight and self-knowledge by being a mirror, waiting to be looked into. It grants a telescopic view of the universe, waiting to be looked through. This is why the gift of the Tarot has no used-by date, but is born anew and alive whenever it can, its meaning timeless and always relevant.

We hope you will experience this during one of the activities of the Tarot College.

Tarot college

Saturday, Nov. 3rd 2012 at 9pm

Leeuwarden, Nederland

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