"spirit appeared and said the serpent was loosened"


born on October,2,1800 in Southampton county Virginia his mother was known to be named Nancy. As a child turner was known to have a very special talent. He could describe things even before he was born. over the years turner worked for a lot of plantations over his life. He ran away from Samuel turner his former owners brother. He cam back to the plantation what he believed was a sign from god.

Why they chose to be against slavery

believing in divine signs and hearing voices turner had a vision in 1825 a bloody conflict between black and white spirits. three years later he had what he believed to be another message from his later confession the "spirit instantly appeared to me and said the serpent was loosened" Christ had laid down the yoke for the sins of men and he should take on a fight against the serpents. turner would receive another message when to fight

I should arise and prepare myself to slay my enemies with there own weapons.