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BurroLibrary is Here to Help!

Below are some basic resources to help you in your studies with World Languages. Always come by and see me if you need help with anything at school!

  • Language Tutorials
  • Materials
  • Periodicals in Native Tongue
  • Research Databases

Language Tutorials

Language Tutorials

You have 3 Tutorial Options available to you.1st is Conjuguemos which is a site that your teacher will give you directions on how to access this information. 2nd PowerSpeak provided by Tennessee Electronic Library, and your 3rd choice is Transparent Language provided by Limitless Libraries.

Latino American Experience

ABC-Clio source available through Limitless Libraries. Username & Password are linked through your Student ID & Password.


Materials that are Available to You!

You have 3 good options to find materials, whether it is a Language Dictionary, an AP Test Study Guide, Non-Fiction or Fiction Text, or Materials in Native Tongue. Your first choice is to search the School Catalog. These items are ready and available here at school. The 2nd choice is to search out Limitless Libraries Materials. The 3rd choice is using World Cat Library through Limitless Libraries, which is an interlibrary loan program, basically a consortium of libraries from around the world. You will need to have Limitless Libraries access to create this account. I'm here to help you figure this out!

Research Databases Just for Hillsboro Students

These Resources were purchased just for Hillsboro High Students. If they are used, I keep them, if not, I will need to cancel subscription. They are very valuable resources that you might have access to in college and be required to use. Go ahead and get familiar with them now so you can shine when you are in College.

Resources Available Through Limitless Libraries

This maybe one of your most important tools available to you!

1.Large Collection of Resources (Look under Research Tools)

2. Large Collection of Books that can come straight to your school!

All Students are approved for 2015-2016 to automatically get their own Limitless Libraries Card (your student ID) unless your parents opt out. When logging in, your username will be your student ID and your password is always your birthday in a 4 digit format. My birthday is Sept 8th, so my PIN is 0908 (not really...mine's different, don't go hacking my account).

Reserving Books through Limitless Libraries comes in very handy when you are working on a specific unique topic and you need more than one book.