Hume-Fogg Library News- Sept. 2013

Facilitating Knowledge Creation in the Hume-Fogg Community

Welcome Mrs. Cherri North

As many of you know, my former clerk Ms. Breyer got a new job right before school started. This last week, my new clerk Mrs. Cherri (pronounced like the fruit) North started. You may know her as the mom of Jocee and Lily. There's a lot to learn but so far she is doing a fantastic job! Please stop by and introduce yourself. Interesting fact: Mrs. North lives on a 150 acre farm with 80 cows, including a longhorn.

Online Orientation a BIG Success

Thank you for playing my videos during advisory. It has really helped to increase knowledge of library rules and procedures, including checkout and ordering from Nashville Public Library. If you haven't stopped by the library lately, I encourage you to do so. It has a nice productive hum to it.

Statistics for the month of August

It's no surprise that my numbers for August were lower due to the fact that I did not have a clerk during that time. When you don't have a clerk, you are the clerk! Also, as students are reading more complex books, it is taking longer for them to finish. That's okay! Now that Mrs. North is here, I hope that I can play a bigger role in projects and do more outreach to you.

The library by the numbers:

Checkout: 1263 items (down 12% compared to last year)

Libguides: 2535 hits (compare to 6553 hits last year)

Featured Projects:

College Project with Mrs. Halbrook's Personal Finance class

Outside Reading with Mrs. Smith (more below)

World Studies with Mr. King

Focus on Complex Text is Paying Off...

I'd like to thank several teachers for encouraging students to read a wide variety of books outside of class. Mrs. Smith and Ms. Moore even brought their English classes to the library where students could develop lists of 10 books to read this year! I have created two carts filled with recommended reading books that are more complex. We want students to start off reading something they are comfortable with but we want them to stretch themselves with more complex books by the end of the year. Mrs. Smith's students are blogging and Ms. Moore's students are using Goodreads to discuss the books they are reading. I have never given so many book recommendations in my life! I am overhearing many students talk to one another about books that they like and I'm loving it!

I have noticed that YOU can have a tremendous impact on what students are reading. If you have a couple of minutes in class, talk to your students about a book that you have enjoyed. When Mrs. Parsons talked about The Devil in the White City by Eric Larson, I had 5 requests for that book in ONE day. I had to go to McKay Used Books and buy more copies!

You may always send students during I.S. to the library to checkout - Really, I can find a book for everyone, so feel free to write a blue note for students to come for checkout. Expect them back to you in 15 minutes.

Please use the link below to recommend books for me to purchase, either because you think that students would like them or because the books are specifically needed for your class. I am putting in another order Saturday, September 14th.

Why schedule the Hume-Fogg library for your classes?

Here are some reasons why you should consider collaborating with me on a project:

1. Two minds are better than one when it comes to planning instruction.

2. I love to grade and will grade all that I can on a project.

3. The library has a ton of supplies for student projects (paper, glue, scissors, markers, posterboard, color printer) and a great space for students to work.

4. I love technology and I love supporting it if you want to use it.

5. I know a lot of different ways for students to show knowledge and I have tutorials to help them create better products for you. For example, I have a tutorial on improving PowerPoint slides. I also can create tutorials on technology tools so that you can spend time helping with content and I can teach them the tech tool.

6. I love to teach when you are out and it makes for a very simple lesson plan for you. (Your lesson plan: take attendance and send with student to the office. Go to the library. Repeat for all classes)

7. I put all your project documents and links to library resources in one space that's accessible to students and parents. No more extra copies to print if students lose something.

8. Common Core Standards places an emphasis on complex text and I love to hold students accountable for using it! Let me teach students how to find the best resources and hold students accountable for doing so. That's a win-win all around!