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Happy Holidays!

To the Moon and Back

Wow! We had so much fun over the last two weeks discussing outer space. The cardboard rocket we had was loved tremendously and had to be retired. We blasted off to the moon and reentered the atmosphere numerous times. The children created outer space as we played at Pink Station. They drew planets, stars, aliens, and rocket ships that we hung from our ceiling. The children also searched for moon rocks in the sensory table at Orange Station. They enjoyed our Countdown song and pretending to be rockets. Our favorite planet to visit was Venus!

Celebrations with Family


During the next two weeks we will discuss holidays, presents and decorations. We will read the book Mouse's First Christmas. One of our main focuses will be on what we do with our family to celebrate the holidays. Write in the daily folder or e-mail me to tell me a family tradition that is enjoyed in your home.
Our Pajama Party and Book Exchange will be on Tuesday, 12/18. If you have a favorite holiday game or story that you play or read with your family let us know about it. We want the children to share their family traditions with us so that we may encourage all the variety of ways the holidays are celebrated.


  • Our PJ Party and Book Exchange will be on Tuesday, 12/18. Please send in a book costing no more than $5.00 unwrapped by Thursday, 12/13.
  • The weather continues to get colder. Please send your child to school with coat, hat and mittens. We go outside to play each day unless it is raining.
  • We are in need of Clorox Wipes, glue, glue sticks and sandwich sized plastic baggies. We appreciate any that you can donate. Thank you!
  • If there is a 2-hour delay due to inclement weather there will be no school that day for AM or PM Classes.

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Home Activities

  • Use the attached activities in the e-mail to address a variety of skills. Our letters this week are O and P. Please send in pictures of items the start with O or P. Our number this week is 7. Activities will encourage extension of skills we have worked on throughout the weeks.
  • Holiday Tradition-Encourage your child to participate in one of your family traditions for the holidays. An example could be to send a holiday card to a relative. Assist your child in writing their name on the card and/or drawing a picture. Encourage them to tell you at least two details about what they have drawn.
  • Cooking-Food is something we all enjoys at some point during the holiday season. Have your child assist you in making a favorite food that is shared among your family during the holiday season. Attached in the e-mail is a recipe to make Peppermint Playdough.
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