CMS Virtual Tour and Open House

Welcome Back to Creekside!

Welcome to Creekside’s Virtual Open House.

We know that this is a far different way to welcome you to school, but this is a way that we can still stay connected and a chance for you to take a tour of the building and meet our teachers. The building tours have been broken down into grade levels so that you can just watch the teachers your student will have.

You will find out important information within this resource. As always, feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

We are here to help!

Virtual Open House

Tour of Entire Building and Meet our Front Office Staff

Building Tour Front Office Introduction

Mr. Wheatley, Principal 815-337-5204

Mrs. Favero Assistant Principal 815-337-5207

Secretarial Staff

School Nurse

Mrs. Schrock CSN, 815-337-5203 School Nurse

Mrs. Heeren, Literacy Tech Coach

Mrs. White, Math Tech Coach

Counselor, Social Worker and nurse contact information is as follows:

Front Office and Building Tour

Our Schedule:

Our schedule for Remote Learning has been created in two block days: “A” Days and “B” Days.

Each class period will consist of both synchronous and asynchronous time within the 90 minute block. Students must log in to their class at the start of class, and attendance will be taken.

Schedules that have been sent home will show all 9 class periods. Within remote learning, lunch periods have been removed from the 1-9 period schedule, but there is a time from 11:45-12:15 each day for students to eat lunch and have a break.

We have created a spreadsheet that will link all of the teachers’ lesson plans for Remote Learning. This spreadsheet will be updated for the upcoming instructional week by midnight each Sunday throughout the first quarter. This sheet will allow you access to plans and assignments without having to login to any of our systems, such as Canvas. However, we still strongly encourage you to access Canvas and Parent Portal to stay involved and informed about your student’s progress. (Information for Parent Portal will be coming soon.)

Big picture
Big picture

Advisory and Skills Lab

We learned a lot from last year. One of our major goals is personal connections with students and social emotional learning. To us, this is vital for the success of our students and even more important now. Every student at Creekside has an advisor. This staff member is a point person for the student and for you as a parent. Advisory groups will meet every other Friday on the asynchronous date. This is where attendance will be taken on Fridays and is also a time to check in with the students in the advisory group. Your student’s advisor can help with reaching out to other teachers or even help with organization and other recommendations to support students.

Skills labs will look a little different from in person instruction and even from last spring. Skill labs are an assigned class to students who are not in band, chorus, or orchestra. During this time students will check in with their assigned staff for attendance. From there, students have the ability to check in with their other teachers through a synchronous Google Meets. This allows for students to gain additional support.


We provide various courses for students that allow us to meet their individual learning needs. Please view our intervention brochure to view information about the interventions that we offer both social/emotionally and academically.

See CMS Intervention Brochure Here

Student Passwords

We will not be resetting student passwords en mass this fall. Whatever the student's password was last year will remain their current password this fall.

If students cannot remember their passwords or need assistance logging in, please email It is helpful if families include their student's name and ID number in this email that generates a tech ticket.

6th Grade Team: Meet the Teachers

Mr. Weger: Team Leader:
  • Mrs. Campbell Literacy Co-Teacher

  • Mrs. Cedeno, Dual Language Social Studies

  • Ms. Coleman Math Co-Teacher

  • Mrs. Coughlan, A.V.I.D./Social Studies

  • Ms. Cruz, Dual Language Science

  • Mrs.DeLa Fuente, Dual Language Literacy/Science

  • Mrs. Frawley, Math 180

  • Ms. MacDonnell, Literacy

  • Mrs. Pigott, Literacy

  • Mr. Shea, Math

  • Mr. Weger, Literacy/Math Co-Teacher

  • Mrs. Weger, Literacy

  • Mrs. Werhane, Read 180

  • Mrs. Wheeler, English Language Development (ELD)

  • Mr. Wintersteen, Literacy/Social Studies

  • Mrs. Wold, Science

  • Mrs. Yarc, Math

6th Grade Team:Meet the Teachers

7th Grade Team: Meet the Teachers and Video Introduction Below

Mr. White: Team Leader:

  • Ms. Berg, Literacy/Social Studies

  • Mrs. Campbell, Literacy Co-Teacher

  • Mrs. Cedeno, Dual Language Social Studies

  • Mr. Clement, Science

  • Ms. Coleman, Literacy Co-Teacher

  • Mrs. Coughlan, Science

  • Ms. Cruz, Dual Language Science

  • Mrs. Frawley, Math 180

  • Mr. Gancedo, Dual Language Science

  • Mrs. Gonzalez, Dual Language Literacy

  • Mrs. Kline, Math

  • Ms. MacDonnell, Literacy

  • Ms. Matthies, Dual Language Social Studies

  • Mr. Shea, Math

  • Mrs. Stone, Literacy

  • Mrs. Thornton, Literacy

  • Mrs. Ungaro, Math

  • Ms. Wheeler, English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Mr. White, Social Studies

7th Grade Team: Meet the Teachers

8th Grade Team Meet the Teachers and Video Introduction Below

Mr. Schleutermann: Team Leader:

  • Ms. Bazan, Math

  • Mrs. Smith, Math

  • Mrs. Frawley, Math 180

  • Mr. Gancedo, Dual Language Science

  • Mrs. Gay, Literacy

  • Mrs. Gertz, Literacy

  • Mr. Jacks, Science

  • Mrs. Kline, Math

  • Mrs. Kozlowski Literacy/Math Co-Teacher

  • Ms. Matthies, Dual Language Social Studies

  • Mr. Pereira, Dual Language Literacy

  • Mr. Schleutermann, Social Studies

  • Mrs. Sheriff, Literacy

  • Mrs. Werhane, Read 180

  • Ms. Wheeler, English as a Second Language (ESL)

8th Grade Team: Meet the Teachers

Exploratory and PE Meet the Teachers and Video Introduction Below

Mr. McGinness; Team Leader Explo:

Mr. Spear: Team Leader PE:

  • Mrs. Bastian, Orchestra

  • Mr. Benda, Physical Education

  • Mrs. Filetti, General Music

  • Ms. Fulcher, Orchestra/General Music

  • Mr. Lee, Health

  • Mr. Mc Ginness, Art

  • Mrs. McConnell, Physical Education

  • Mrs. McCoy, Library Media Specialist

  • Mr. Peiffer, Chorus/General Music

  • Mr. Rogganbuck, 21st Century Skils

  • Mr. Spear, Physical Education

  • Mrs. Storer, Band

  • Mrs. Wilks, Chinese

Exploratory and PE

Exploratory and physical education are provided for students. At times, different interventions take place during these courses. Having these courses on rotations allow us the flexibility to offer students certain exploratories and physical education throughout the year. Every seven weeks, our rotations change. Generally, students in PE remain in that class. Exploratories do change as we offer five different courses (Art, Health, 21st Century Skills, Music, and Chinese.)

PE and Explo Meet the Teacher

Special Education Meet the Teachers and Video Introduction Below

  • Ms. Coleman

  • Mrs. Czyz

  • Mrs. Hong

  • Mrs. Kramer (Ms. Tate)

  • Mrs. Learman

  • Mrs. Moskowitz

  • Mr. Murray

  • Mrs. Niemic

Special Education Team: Meet the Teachers
Big picture

Parent Portal:

You are able to check your student’s academic progress, as well as attendance, school fees, etc. by using the District 200 Home Access System. The Parent Portal will be active once school starts, and login information will be shared with families soon. Please note, your student will also have his/her own login to check grades, and teachers will guide students on how to access the system. (Information Coming Soon)

Staying Informed

How should you and students stay informed?

  • We are making our best effort to make contact with you and engage students every day. Students should be staying informed through their student Canvas page which houses our school announcements. Check out the announcements each day with a kick-off from Mr. Wheatley. Important information can be found here but is only accessible to students. Students are also emailed every morning by Mr. Wheatley to provide them with any specific information necessary for the day.

How can you stay informed as a parent?


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