Perch Dissection By: Maegan Hollins Vu-PAP Bio- pd.3


Students will learn the placement and relationship of organs with the assistance of a dissection lab.

Perca flavescens

Perca flavescens also known as yellow perch is a freshwater fish found in the family Percidae. Residing in Eurasia and North America, these fish are mainly used for the purposes for food and sport. Found mainly in small ponds, lakes and rivers, these carnivorous fish feed on insect larvae, small fish, and shellfish. However perch are prey to many predators such as the catfish, bluegill, and eagle. Although they feed in shallow water, perch are usually found in a school in deeper water environments.

The Circulatory System

The perch ,like many animals, has one atrium and ventricle. It uses a single-loop system, meaning that the blood flowing through it veins only goes in one direction from the heart. Deoxygenated blood moves through the heart and onward to the gills where carbon dioxide is removed. The oxygenated blood is then distributed throughout the body and recirculates to the heart.

The Evolution of the Perch

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