How Storms Form


Why hurricane happens

Hurricane happens because when the oceans have been warmed during the summer months during hurricane season .But most hurricanes happen during the fall as a hurricane winds push around and around the storm they push the water into a mood at the storm's center.

Why tornadoes happen

Most tornadoes form from thunderstorms.You need warm,most air from the gulf of mexico and cool,dry air from Canada.When these two air masses meet they create instability in the atmosphere.

This happen because the air from towns and the atmosphere

Why do they happen on earth


Snow is formed when the temperatures are low and there is moisture-in the form of tiny ice crystals-in the atmosphere.When these tiny crystals stick together in the clouds to become snowflakes.If enough ice crystals stick together they will be heavy enough to fall on the ground.

Do not go outside

If it is a stormy night do not go because something could happen to you.If you are wearing something shiny or if you are standing by a big tree you could get hurt a lot.