Multiplying and dividing decimals

By Nick and Poojitha

Multiplying decimals

People tend to forget that multiplying decimals is important in everyday life. When you multiply decimals, 1st you need to know how to multiply two digit by two digit decimals. Then you can challenge yourself to more numbers by more digits. Our multiplying decimals video shows that, for this particular problem that you need to line the digits up. But say you have a problem like 3.6 x .56, you don't really need to line the digits up. How we would solve this problem is we would take out the decimal and multiply normally. Then we add the decimal in. In real life, you would use multiplying when you work at a tire repair shop. How? Say that one tire costs $35, and then you have a four wheeled car that needs two tires to be replaced. You would multiply 35 and 2 to get the amount that the customer should pay.

Dividing decimals

If you want to learn how to divide decimals, you need to know how to divide first. Our video shows that you have to line up the decimals when you divide, and it also shows how to divide decimals. Anyway how do we use this in the real world? We use it in the real world when you have 3 big cookies and have 2 people to divide it by. Of course you would not want someone to get an unequal piece. Ok here is an example that is a little more easier. Say you have 4 cookies and 2 people. Each of them would get 2 cookies each. It matters that you divide something equally or you might make someone mad or sad.