Generating Electricity:

The solution to isolated communities without electricity

Starting Off: the Community & the Resource Needed

As you know, we are able to use electricity in our everyday lives, but wait, what about isolated communities?

There are currently lots of isolated communities in Australia that do not have electricity, while we are able to play around with complex devices. As you may not know, we tend to neglect these communities and focus solely on one's entertainment.

So, what can we do to provide these communities with electricity?

Simple! All you need is a fool-proof plan of a generator that is able to generate electricity.

Where can we start off? Well, for starters, we can initiate our plan at Margaret River, Western Australia. This town is located 277 kilometres south of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. We can use solar power (energy from the Sun) as a resource. A benefit would come from this as it is a renewable energy, unlike burning coal.

The Plan:

Many houses nowadays have solar panels (they use energy from the Sun for using things that require electricity). We can provide the houses in Margaret River with solar panels so they can use electricity. Solar power is renewable, therefore they are able to use electricity constantly. Money can be fundraised in order to purchase the solar panels. Thus, people can donate money or sell goods (chocolate, lollies, etc.)

How will this benefit us?

This plan can stop riots, complaints and also possibly protests. This can give us a taste of tranquility and peace. Our community will be able to develop into a better one and people will become friendlier, etc.