By: Nikki Pazira

Canada Map

This is a map of Canada with its features. As you can see, there are many different provinces and territories that I labeled on the map. These features are being affected by many things too, like pollution. In the articles below, I am going to talk about the environmental issues of Canada, and where people live and why.
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Canada's Environmental Issues

Most of Canada's pollution comes from its southern region and the northern region of the United States. Between 50-75% of the pollution comes from the U.S. The pollution is caused by things such as coal burning factories, cars, and trucks that release many different types of chemicals that can pollute the air. Chemicals from the factories mix in with the water in the clouds and cause acid rain, polluting the great lakes. This can kill many of the living things inside and outside of the lakes including fish and plants. The extraction and over use of natural resources in the Canadian shied has caused the the land around the mines to be damaged and the environment has also been ruined. The mines also produce chemicals to produce acid rain. The main economic resource, which is timber, is also causing harm to the environment. Animal habitats are being destroyed, erosion is occurring, and water quality is being reduced all because of the timber industry.

Where People Live and Why

Canada has a different climate in each of its locations. The southeastern part of Canada has a warmer climate than the rest of Canada, the pacific coast has a temperate climate, and last but not least is northern Canada which is very COLD. Southern Canada is the best for trading because it has good farming, and because it can trade crops for many things not produced in Canada. Canada also has many natural resources such as coal, oil, timber, natural gas, etc. All of these things can majorly affect where people might want to live in Canada.