Learn all about envirothon


Envirothon is a really fun program. You get to learn all about nature and animals. It is really fun when you get to work together to answer questions at the competition. I think envirothon is a great program and if you are interested in animals and nature then you should try out!

Envirothon competition

Tuesday, May 14th, 8am-2pm

John Rudy Park

This is the time of the envirothon competition. You get to John Rudy Park at around 8:00 and leave to go back to school at around 2:00.

All about Envirothon

Do you know what envirothon is? Envirothon is a program where you get to learn about nature and eventually you get to compete in a competition to show what you learned. Mrs.Miller and Mrs.Antoun are your awesome envirothon teachers. They teach you about envirothon with fun activities and lessons. The envirothon after school program is where you can learn about envirothon so if you want to make the team you have a better chance of getting on. Or you can do it for fun. If you want to make the team, you can go to Mrs.Antoun’s room to take the test. If you make the team your name will be announced over the announcements at school. Forestry is one of the three subjects you learn about. In forestry you learn all about tree’s, leaves, and vocabulary words. Aquatics is another one of the three subjects you learn about. In aquatics you learn about animals that live in or near to water. Also you learn about rivers and streams. Last but not least there is wildlife.In wildlife you learn all about animals. In each of the three subjects you get your own expert animals or trees. The location of the after school program is at school in Mrs.Antoun’s room. The location of the envirothon competition is at John Rudy Park. To get to the competition you have to get up in time that you can be at school around 7:45. The bus will pick you up and you will be off! At the Envirothon competition they have a hat competition. Your team can make hats to enter the competition. There is also the name competition. You try to make the most creative name. At the competition there is a scavenger hunt. They give you a list of things to find in the forest. The bug guy is someone who comes to teach you about bugs. You get to touch cockroaches and spiders. Also there is the bird guy. He comes in to show us live birds! Last but not least there is the awards ceremony. At the awards ceremony you get a medal for participating. Then they announce the winner of the hat competition and the name competition. After that they announce the places each team got. Be prepared because this year there were 72 teams. I hope you like envirothon and maybe try out.

I hope you enjoyed my smore!