400m x 4 Relay Olympic Regression

Teamwork, Sportsmanship, and Speed!

Sometimes Teamwork is the Best Work

Everybody likes working as a team. It takes a lot of the pressure of that you would normally feel during a singles event. This helps relieve a lot of tension and hopefully makes the athletes preform better. During 400 x 4 each runner, on a team of four runners, runs 400 meters then passes the baton to the next runner.

Why in the world am I reading this???

In this flyer I am going to tell you more about the Olympics, more specifically the event of the 4 by 400 meter relay. In this flyer we will specifically be focusing on the comparison between men's performance in this sport and women's performance in this sport over a time span of 44 years (11 times) to make this flyer less confusing we took the gold medalists times only.

The Data- Where We Started, How We Finished and All of The Steps in between.

Scattered in the Plot

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To Find the Best Fit

The x's represent men's and the boxes represent women's. The black line is the line of best fit of the men's times for the last 44 years and the red line is the line of best fit for the women's times for the last 44 years.

The Big Cross

The intersection point is the year in which the men's and women's times are equal.
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The Meaning of X and Y

The x-coordinate at the intersection point and is the year that the men's and women's times will be equal. We can infer that because the x value is in 1509 and the Olympics did not start until later that men have always been better than women and that men will always be better than the women. The y-coordinate at the intersection point is what the times of the men and women would have been when they were equal.