Mr. B's Bright Playoff Lights

"When we do our job, everybody wins!"

Winter Safety Assembly

Here you go-our 4th grade Principal's Councils presentation. This was the kids at their best. They did the verbal part too.

The Cat in the Hat hats are going crazy!

Our kids are racking up the reading minutes and the "hats" are circling the inside walls of the school. The are photos below that will show you the amAAAAzing progress of our children. Thanks for yoru support and involvement!
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It is a special time!

Here you go Dads! It was only a short 25 years ago that I danced with our daughters during one of these events in Hartland. The girls were only as tall as my waist, yet I still remember the fun we had. You can too and the girls will remember it always!

Recess time at the Primary

Here are some fun shots of the kids on the playground. The conditions of the snow have made it kind of tough to play with, yet the kids sure persevere.

This how we line up to go to lunch!

Often families don't get a chance to witness how we organize our transitions from one place to another. Here we are getting ready to move inside for lunch. We help each other with our hats and our gloves/mittens. We try to entor school at a 0 voice level and make sure we leave more of the snow outside than inside.
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Measuring Academic Progress

By now the kids have probably told you or your child's teachers have passed this along that our MAP testing took place this week in math. Our F+P assessments take care of the reading portion of this assessment period. I am proud of how our kids were truly focused and stayed with the challenging problems of the test. Above is a reminder about moving past the lab shhhhhh, quietly.
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Our Mathalete

Here is one of our students, Jack, who generously donated $10 of prize money for his accomplishments during a mathalon at Mathnasium, a math learning center in Menomonee Falls. Jack took part in three fun-filled math events to earn a donation from this company. Jack asked that it be donated to our PTO. Thanks a lot Jack!

Mike Budisch, Head Learner

On your left is one of the kids "hats", a record of the reading completed. We hope you have seen them around your home and thanks for signing them too.