Gratz Brown Elementary Announces!!!

We have developed a new student leadership group!

Introducing GBE Student Advisory Committee

This Semester we have initiated a new Student Leadership Committee that was developed from our PBS team at GBE. We have students from 3rd, 4th and 5th grade that have been elected and chosen by classmates and teachers to be their grade level representatives. These students meet with the administrators monthly to discuss new ideas they have for the building, PBS ideas or areas of need for GBE, and to be a voice for the students. We are truly excited to see our students taking an initiative and giving their vision of areas of growth that we need to investigate at GBE. These kids area incredibly excited and will begin this week giving morning announcements every other day regarding student expectations and encouragement to peers! The committee has also decided to create encouragement announcements to prep everyone and get students excited about doing their best during our upcoming MAP assessments.