The Weekly Growl

November 17 - 21, 2014

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This Week

**Hunger is Not a Game Food Drive in Library , Nov. 3-21**

Monday,November 17

  • 5:30 7A/B Girls Basketball vs. Grisham
  • 5:30 8A/B Girls Basketball @ Grisham

Tuesday, November 18

  • Have a terrific Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 19

  • ...and a wacky Wednesday!

Thursday, November 20

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt with Jeans
  • 5:30 7A/B Boys Basketball vs. Grisham
  • 5:30 8A/B Boys Basketball @ Grisham

Friday, November 21

  • Wear College Shirt with Jeans
  • Staff Breakfast, Compliments of PTA

Next Week


Monday, December 1

  • STAAR Algebra 1
  • 5:30 7A/B Girls Basketball @ Cedar Valley

  • 5:30 8A/B Girls Basketball vs. Cedar Valley

Tuesday, December 2

  • Have a terrific Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 3

  • 1:30 Early Release
  • 1:45 Faculty Meeting
  • 5:00 Parent Involvement Night
  • 5:30 7A/B Boys Basketball @ Cedar Valley
  • 5:30 8A/B Boys Basketball vs. Cedar Valley

Thursday, December 4

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt with Jeans

Friday, December 5

  • Wear College Shirt with Jeans
  • End of 3rd Week of Third Six Weeks
  • Fine Arts Gala Night at the PAC
  • 5:30 7B Girls Basketball Tourney

Upcoming Events

Dec. 8 5:30 7A/B Girls Basketball vs. Canyon Vista

Dec. 8 5:30 8A/B Girls Basketball @ Canyon Vista

Dec. 10 5:30 7A/B Boys Basketball vs. Canyon Vista

Dec. 10 5:30 8A/B Boys Basketball @ Canyon Vista

Dec. 11 Progress Reports Go Home

Dec. 11 7:00 Beginner Band/Orchestra & Jazz/Latin Ensemble Concert

Dec. 12 PTA Dance - "Candy Land"

Dec. 13 Just Because Christmas

Dec. 16 Choir Winter Concert

Dec. 16 6:00 Theatre 6th Grade Showcase

Dec. 18 Fine Arts Caroling to Elementary Schools

Dec. 18 End of 3rd Six Weeks and First Semester

Dec. 19 No School/Prep Day

Dec. 22 - Jan. 2 Christmas Holidays

Jan. 5 Student Holiday/Staff Development

Jan. 6 First Day of Second Semester

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Robin Wilson 18

Jean Sarre 26

Alicia Selestino 26

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Lisa Smith and Kristen Morgan for having engaging lessons.

Casey Gembicki for using the observations method with grammar.

Clint Lafuente for his passion for reading.

Anna Carter for her relationship building efforts.

Heather Davis and her innovative ideas.

Natalie Nichter Ramirez for her super organization.

Milton Perez for his collaborative nature.

Lisa Mierkiewicz for her thoughtful planning in her new applied class.

Alicia Selestino for 'having everyone's back'.

Sofie Vastano for her aligned nature.

Kudos to Mario Acosta, Maggie Cashdollar and Sonia Chowdury for sustaining our support system.

- Anndrea Harrold

Kudos to Mrs. Reale and Mrs. Bloch for coming out to support the Jazz Band at their Safari Champ performance this past Saturday!

- Jett Walker

A BIG KUDOS to Ms. Loftis and her theater crew for putting on a spectacular play on Friday! They are a very talented bunch!

- Jayson Sherman

Kudos and Congratulations to Jennifer Bloch for completing her Next Gen Semester Project. Students used pictures, google slides and google sites to compare and contrast economies. Jennifer has shared her Lesson Plan with the Next Gen Community. See you students work here .

Kudos to Casey Gembicki and Kristen Morgan for augmenting their lesson on informational text with students by designing Google Sites to organize informational text.

- Irma Bauer

KUDOS to all of the Hernandez family who came out in support of our show. We really appreciate your love and support!!

- Hernandez Theatre

Thank you SOOOOO much to ALL the staff that has helped immensely with helping fill unfilled substitute positions!!!!!!!!!!! That is the beauty of it..... so many of you have helped with either picking up classes, giving up your "free" periods or sacrificing subs that are in class with you that I do not name you to ensure I do not miss not one name. ;) You have ALL done it graciously and with smiles! Thank you Thank you Thank you

- Marbel Donosso

Cherri Urban rocks! I appreciate her willingness to help out.

ELA Department: "Over 800 essays graded..."

Pam Pritchard for her willingness to help out fellow teachers in distress. May the copier gods be ever in her favor.

- Sofie Vastano

Kudos to Cherri Urban for being AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You are always smiling, always eager to help and always funny!!!

Kudos to my 8th grade SPED peeps Hoeber, La, & Perez - y'all rock!!! I am thankful for your valuable input to make our team successful!!!

Kudos to Marbel Donosso for looking out for us, taking care of us and doing it all with a smile!!! I <3 you!!!

Kudos to Elaine Fowler for holding it down like a BOSS!!!! You go above and beyond everyday and support so many people!! You are a true gem!!!!

- Nicky Haulotte

Kudos the Cherri Urban for the awesome "what are you thankful for" display!! It's awesome and students and staff love it!

- Wendy Tucker

Bulldog Bios

Name: Clarissa Lopez Position at HeMS: Orchestra Director

High School: Alice HS College: Texas A&M Kingsville, UT Austin

Family: Husband/One daughter, Nalia/2 dogs

Favorite TV show: House of Cards Can’t believe I watch: Real Housewives of NJ

Favorite book: -- Favorite food: Bacalao Guisado

Favorite vacation spot: The beach Favorite movie: Frozen

Favorite local restaurant or hangout: Carrabba's

If I could do anything for a day, it would be: Taste different foods in different countries

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is: Give money to Central America

If I could be any fictional character, it would be: --

The thing I miss most about being a kid is: Playing with my neighbors in the rain

My biggest influence: My parents on both sides

In my time off, I enjoy: Sleeping, playing with Noelia, walking my dogs

My most hated chore is: Washing dishes

If I could live somewhere else, it would be: Puerto Rico

Fondest memory growing up: Playing secretary in my living room

Watch TV or read a book? TV Night out or evening in? Night out

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Break! May your Debbie Downers be minimal.