Writing Portfolio

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About My Writing Portfolio

I got this portfolio to keep track of all of my writing. Also to share all my writing work with my teachers and other people I want. This will help me know what I write in English class. This will also benefit me by keeping it all saved and I won't lose any of my writing work.

All about me

My name is Alex and i'm going to tell you a little about myself. My favorite things to do is to play sports, watch TV, and talk to friends. My favorite sport to play is baseball but I also like volleyball and football. In my free time I usually go running or go to work and make money.

6 Word Memoir

Work hard to exceed in life.

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like a leopard because I am fast.

Inwardly I am like a elephant because I am slow.

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

The award I picked for this essay is The Most Athletic award. I picked this award because I am good at the sports I play and I make good grades. My strengths in my essay I think are my body paragraphs. My weaknesses in my essay is the introduction and the conclusion I think. I liked this assignment because I got to tell you a little about my self and give a speech in front of class. This was a good assignment I wouldn't change anything.

Favorite Quote

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream". - C.S. Lewis