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Upcoming Dates

  • Sept. 8 College Fair-Courtyard
  • Sept. 13 Westside Athletic Club Meeting

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Parent-Teacher Conferences/Communication Survey

We are seeking input on parent-teacher communication times and modes. We would like to provide both virtual and in-person conference options and we are working to determine the best timing for a majority of parents/families.

Please give us your feedback by taking this short survey.

Parent-Teacher Communication Survey

Attendance and Excusing from School

We wanted to provide some additional guidance on excusing your student when ill and also how to best excuse your student during the school day for a necessary appointment.

The attendance line can be dialed directly at 402-343-2626. This number is available 24 hours a day to leave a message.

Excusing for illness

  • When your student is ill, please call the attendance office to notify of the excused absence.
  • If the call goes voicemail, please leave a message. Messages are checked frequently throughout the day and PowerSchool is updated.
  • Please excuse as soon as possible so teachers and staff are aware of the excused absence.

Excusing for an appointment during the day

  • Due to the size of the school and nature of our schedule, it is important to arrange leaving for planned appointments in advance.
  • Call the attendance office in advance of the appointment.
  • Another option would be to send a signed note with your student to take to the attendance office.
  • Your student should pick up a pass from the attendance office.
  • Your student will show the pass to his/her teacher if they need to leave during class time and they will show the pass to the hall supervisor when they check out with the hall supervisor to leave the building.

We appreciate your efforts to have your child in school as much as possible and we realize some appointments are unavoidable. Hopefully this information assists when your child has necessary appointments on a school day.

Appropriate Dress

Here is some additional guidance regarding dress code. The image to the right supports the information in the student-parent handbook.

  • Students should have clothes covering from the shoulder to the thigh. A student's shirt should come over the waistband of pants, shorts, or skirt. Clothing should come onto the thigh.
  • Underwear/undergarments should not be showing.
  • Footwear is required. Shoes are safer than sandals.
  • Hats and hoods are not to be worn in school. Only headwear related to religious beliefs is allowed. Hats and hoods make it difficult to identify students when it is necessary to identify individuals using hallway cameras.
  • A link to the student-parent handbook can be found here. Page 40 has additional information regarding dress code for school.

Off Campus Passes for 9th and 10th grade Students

9th and 10th grade students can obtain an off campus pass for mods open at the end of the school day with parent permission. For example, if a student has mod 14 (last mod) with no class on a day, the student can obtain a pass to be picked up or leave school early on this day.

  • Forms are available in the deans office at Westside High School.
  • Students/families desiring to utilize an off campus pass at the end of the day should fill out a form, have a parent sign, and return the form to the deans office.
  • The student will then receive a sticker for his/her ID that shows which day or days the student is able to leave the building early.
  • The student shows the sticker on the ID to the supervisor at the door to exit the building.
  • Students using a pass to leave the building are expected to leave campus.

College Fair

WHS School Counseling is hosting a college fair this week on Sept. 8 from 6-8 pm.

  • College representatives in the Courtyard from 6-8 pm.
  • Dual enrollment presentation 6 pm-Little Theater.
  • FAFSA/Financial Aid presentation 7 pm-Little Theater.

You can find more information about upcoming tests, seminar classes and more. Check out the WHS School Counseling Newsletter.