Google Drive

Organizing, Searching, and Managing Items in Drive

The Look and Feel of your Drive

A Few Tips for Organizing Your Drive

Tips to help organize your Google Drive:

  • Folder Structure - Think of the folders on your home page of your Google Drive as Book covers and inside the book are folders that represent chapters of that book. For example: you may have a book called Greene School. Inside that folder you may have folders that represent Teachers, Students, Programs, Schedules, etc.
  • Color Coding - Right Click on a folder to pick a color.
  • Standard Naming Conventions - Choose a system and stick to it. You can utilize Dates, type of document, etc. Suggestions on naming conventions

  • Numbering files but remember that this can be tricky. If you start with 1, when you add 10, they will be out of order.

  • Files in Multiple Folders

Article on Organizing your Drive

Additional Tips

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Basic Search

To search for a file in Google Drive or the Docs, Sheets, and Slides home screens, type a word or phrase into the search box at the top and press Enter.

Search with Filters

  1. Go to the search box at the top and type a word or phrase.
  2. If you want to narrow your search, click the drop-down menu arrow and choose from these options:
    • File type: Documents, images, PDFs, etc.
    • Opens With: Drawings, Google Docs, etc.
    • Ownership: Whether the file belongs to you or someone else.
  3. Press Enter or click the Search button .

Advanced Search in Google Drive

You can refine your search in Drive using specific phrases or commands. To refine your search:

  1. Type a phrase.
  2. Add an option to narrow your search Click Here For Chart of Options.
  3. Press Enter

Additional Tip - Buttons that help me

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Managing the "Shared with Me" Button

Suggestions for the "Shared with Me" Button

1. "Shared with Me" is a collection of shared documents. You see these documents because your email was added in the shared settings.

2. Visit only if something has been shared with you that you want to use or need to help manage.

3. If there is something you need, go into the tab, select the file, and save it to your drive. Manage it from your personal Drive.

4. You do not have to manage this tab. It will continue to populate whether you want it to or not. :)

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Final Tips and Tricks

Convert a PDF into an Editable Google Doc

If your PDF is saved in your Drive, you can convert the text into an editable Google Doc.

Click Here to view the Tech Tidbit demonstrating this process.

How to Host an Image in Google Drive

Benefit: When sharing an image, the image will not be directed back to your Google Drive.

1. Make your image public

2. Copy shared link

3. Go to and paste your link into the box above "Create Permalink".

4. Click on "Create Permalink" and it will create a link or URL that will now host your image without directing it back to your Google Drive.

Edit Office in Google Drive

Office files that are saved in your Google Drive can be viewed and edited in Drive. The higher the version used of Office to create the document, the better. 2003 versions do not work very well. Also, I have found that highly formatted documents and documents with columns do not work well. I have had to recreate those document.
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