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2/3 - 2/11

De-Stress with Spirit Days

Through Spirit Days, ASB hopes to create a safe and inclusive space. We want people to feel that they can dress up as whatever they want, that they can look as crazy as they want, and that no one’s going to judge them because everyone else looks just as crazy. Our goal is to encourage a positive atmosphere that can ease stress and breakaway from the stereotypical judgmental high school. The general consensus among student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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“I think we should have spirit days at least once a month because it’s just such a fun environment when everyone dresses up, and it just allows for a more relaxing and carefree school day.”

- Chloe, 11

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Do you like spirit days?

“I love spirit days. I think it’s a good way to get the school more united, it gives people stuff to look forward to when they wake up in the morning, especially at lunch and Wolverine Time when we’re all taking pictures and stuff and doing poses. It’s just really fun, it gives the students something to look forward to, especially towards the end of the week, because we have spirit weeks that lead up to something, so it just makes us all excited.”

Do you think we should do them more often?

“Yes, I think that we should do spirit days more often because, like I said, it unifies the school more. When you wake up, you plan with your friends, or like a group of friends and you're like ‘Yeah let’s do this, let’s wear that!’ If we have it more often, the school will be more united, and more hyped.”

- Zaina, 11

Currently, student stress is at an all time high, especially at Westview. ASB recognizes the need, now more than ever, to lower these rates for both the health and welfare of our students. With Spirit Days, we hope to distract from academic stress and create a more relaxing environment on campus. If laughing at your friend’s comically large cowboy hat, even if just for a second, takes off some of the stress from your test next period, then we’ve achieved our goal.

Have some ideas for Spirit Days? Let us know!

Westview's First Lunar New Year Celebration

As part of an effort to move student culture forward on campus, Westview ASB hosted our first Lunar New Year celebration this past Friday. It featured a traditional Chinese dance, a kung fu performance from our own Mr. Nguyen, free fortune envelopes, and opportunities for students to fly Chinese kites and get their names written in Korean calligraphy. Below are a few responses from members of the student body.
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Rachel, 9

What does Lunar New Year actually mean to you?

“Just basically fortune and good luck, it means like a lot about family.”

How do you think Westview can continue to move culture forward on campus?

“Just kinda like all I know is to ask people about their culture, kinda research it and just basically know more about it.”

And then do you think this is a good start?

“Yeah, it's really good.”

What do you want people who don't know a lot about Lunar New Year to know?

“Know it’s that - well, you earn money,” laughs “so you earn money, and it’s kinda like...you basically gather around, you kinda get closer.”

What family traditions do you have when you celebrate?

“I always visit my grandparents and we always give out money, we always have this feast.”

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Michelle, 10

What’s your earliest memory involving Lunar New Year?

“I remember, vaguely, I was in China when I was...six, and they did this thing where like when your...elders, like your grandparents, your parents, give you money. So, I remember, they gave me this red envelope, and you had to stand before them and kneel and bow, I vaguely remember that.

How do you think Westview can continue to move culture forward on campus?

“Like just, this specific one? Or just generally?” In general. “I think the performances in the quad were cute.”

So this was a good start?

“I think it’s a good start, yeah.”

What’s your favorite thing about Lunar New Year?

“I think just like the parties because usually it’s where you go over to a friend’s or family’s house and you just all catch up, and it’s just a lot of fun.”

Winter Formal!

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Old West Day!

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Decade Day!

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Red Carpet Day!

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