Simon Birch; The Hero & The Kid

By: Marley M. Aksamit

Main Characters


The theme for the movie Simon Birch is to outlive expectations of others. When you do that you have truly lived life to the fullest because you have stood life to the face and outlived expectation. "The doctor said that Simon would not live through the night, but he did. The doctor said he would not live through the week, but he did.

Explanation: The reason that is the evidence to prove the theme is because Simon outlived the expectations of others by living longer than what others expected. He was born with a small heart and he was not even supposed to last a day. He outlived expectation by living as long as possible and was not detoured by what others thought about him.

All about Simon Birch

He is a small, shorter little boy and he was not supposed to live due to his small stature. He was born with a birth defect and that is why he is so small. He has a very big heart (figuratively) and that is why he loves everyone and everything. He has a very strong connection with his friend Joe which he spends very much time with.

Evidence: He helped Joe break into the Coach's office and see if he was his father by looking at the baseball that killed his mother, but it wasn't what Joe was looking for and they got arrested together. He would do anything for Joe. Nothing will deter him from what he believes

Explanation: The reason that this is the evidence for the topic of Simon Birch is because he would do anything for his friend Joe even if it costs him his life. Joe would also do anything for SImon because he cares for him, he even stood up to Simon's father to tell him that he doesn't deserve him and he is not a screw up, that he is a hero!!!

Big Event: Baseball kills Joe's mother

Simon's point of view: I was up next, my plan was to miss the three pitches and get a free walk to first base, but instead coach told me to swing. I was astonished, but I did as he said. He pitched, I missed. He pitched, I miss. The next pitch I swung and I hit it, but that moment I will remember forever because I killed Joe's mother with that pitch and I will never be able to bring her back.
Baseball kills woman (Simon Birch)

Big Event: Simon finds baseball in Reverend's office

Simon's point of view: It was after Joe left for his winter retreat camp with the kids that I went into Reverend's office to find my baseball cards. I was looking for them and then finally I found them sitting on the top shelf in his office. I moved the chair and the filing cabinet drawers to make stairs for me to climb up. I moved the books to get to the cards, but I saw something hidden behind the book. A white baseball. It could be ours, but the only way to know if it said pee-wee and our team: The Tigers. Sure enough it did. Then I knew... Reverend was Joe's father.

Big Event: Bus crash that leads to Simon's death

We were just leaving the camp and we got on the bus. Minutes later Reverend saw a deer on the road and said: "LOOK OUT!!!". The bus drive then hit the brakes as hard as he could, but he couldn't stop, so he started to swerve. We were heading down the road at an incredible speed. The bus driver said: "I CAN'T STOP!!!". Reverend saw a river ahead. We all thought to ourselves: "are we going to die?". We hit the river so fast and hard that it gave Reverend whiplash and knocked him out. The bus driver opened the door letting a flood a water, but then he left too. My only though at that point was: "it is up to me". Because the kids wouldn't listen to Joe so how would he get their attention. I got their attention and I told Joe to climb out the emergency exit and get the kids out while I assist form behind. We got them all out, but there was one left behind. As I went back to get him the bus let free and I could feel us floating out and sinking at the same time. The kid was stuck, but I eventually got him free and the emergency exit was closed, so I pushed him up a window and out to Joe (who swam out to the bus with Ben). I held my breath, but the bus completely sank before I could climb out the window. I got out and Ben took me to the hospital where I died later with Joe over my shoulder.
Simon Birch Bus Accident