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Steps for Planning a Funeral

- Create a will

- Plan the actual funeral

- Choose the desired ceremony

- Determine costs

Funeral Considerations

There are many different factors to consider when planning a funeral. These considerations range from individual, family, culture and economic considerations. It is important to understand the wishes of a loved one as it pertains to their funeral. The considerations of each individual should be considered extremely valuable, and planning ahead helps relieve stress in the instance of death. Do you know what type of funeral your loved one desires?

Family Considerations

Family plays a vital role in the considerations of planning a funeral. Do you have a funeral-plan in place already? Here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home we work closely with the individual as well as the family to plan the most personal, stress free funeral that we can. We know that losing a loved one can be an extremely emotional time, so we carefully cater to every want and need to make this the most comfortable process as possible.

Cultural Considerations

Cultural beliefs can play a significant role in planning for a funeral. Please take the time to learn and understand the beliefs that your loved one has. Knowing cultural and religious beliefs can add a touch of importance to the situation. Your loved one may have practiced strong cultural and religious beliefs throughout their life, so incorporating these into the funeral plan is extremely important

Because we all grieve...

We know this can be an emotional time, so we've included a few resources to help the individual as well as the family find comfort in their time of grieving. Please visit the resources below for more information

The Importance of Planning Ahead

Planning for a funeral is an extremely personal experience. There are so many different factors which tie into the appropriate funeral, that by planning ahead you can ensure that these factors are taken into consideration. Eternal Rest Funeral Home prides itself on creating the most beautiful, personal funeral as possible. With your help we will create a funeral based around individual desires as well as a funeral which caters to personal and cultural beliefs.