TechKNOWLEDGE' Update: Week 7

Raymond Academy's Weekly Update on all Things Tech!

It's Connected Educator's Month!

October is known for many things: Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is also an important month for technology and educators alike, it's Connected Educator's Month!

What is a Connected Educator?

A connected educator is one who continues to learn by developing networks, and knowledge from wherever they live. They collaborate online, use social media to interact with colleagues around the globe, engage in conversations in safe online spaces, and bring what they learn back to their classrooms, schools, and districts!

To help YOU become an connected educator, our campus will be apart of a world wide challenge: Connected Ed Olympics! For more details, read below!

Are you up for the Challenge!!! Let's play the......

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So how exactly does this work?

You are invited to participate in the first annual Connected Educator Olympics, a global competition where everyone wins...because everyone gets connected!

Raymond Academy is one of over 50 schools participating in this event for the next 3 weeks! Medals will be awarded to the Bronze, Silver and Gold level participants and to the the schools!

Your challenge and the rules:

1. Spot the birds and Olympic symbols all over campus...There will be several "hidden" around school every week. Check your mailbox for the Connected Educator Olympic Events Chart. You will track your own points and submit them to Mrs. Glass every week! Every person on campus (adults only) are eligible to play!

2. Our total points as a campus will be submitted to the Global Points Board every week to see if where we stand.

3. Stress is NOT allowed! Mrs. Glass is your team leader to assist you as needed and to make this a FUN, low stress event all about CONNECTING! Participants experiencing stress may be banned from the competition!

4. Share and help as many people as possible! If you know something someone else doesn't, Help them out! (another form of connecting as an educator and learner) Those who help earn more points!

5. Points: each challenge/activity is worth points. 1) Your CE Olympics Event Chart has the point total on them for you to complete...2)The twitter birds around campus is worth larger number of points and 3) ONE Special GOLDEN TWITTER BIRD is for 100 points every week! You have to locate these birds first!

Have fun! Don't hesitate to ask for assistance! And most importantly: Let's get CONNECTED!

Did you miss LIVEBINDERS 101?

No worries! You can always sign up for a TIPs session on this and any other technology related application!

REMEMBER: TIPs (Technology Integration Plan) is your way of becoming a connected learner! Mrs. Glass is here for YOU! You can schedule to meet one-on-one, with a partner, small group or even as a team! Check with Mrs. Glass to reserve your time today!

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