The Enemy

The adults are eating us all


16 Years ago, a disease infected everyone on earth, yet it wasn't noticeable. Now, 16 years later, the disease turns everyone it infected into carnivorous, child-eating monsters. The surviving children have either set up some kind of sanctuary, or are on the run from the adults. The children's flesh somehow slows down the disease, which is why the adults are eating them. A kid who calls himself Jester shows up at one of the little communities and claims that there is a safer place than here and was sent to gather kids to go there.


I would rate this book 5/5 because it is a perfect mixture of action, poverty, and sadness. There is nothing in this book I would change. Everyone I have recommended this book to has loved it or has already read it. This is a great series for teens and young adults to read

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favorite quote

" The room was filthy. There were broken bones on the floor. There were a few greasy chairs, a pile of old rags in the middle, and in one corner was the grown-up's toilet. They had done their business on the carpet and there were flies buzzing around it.

He retched. He wanted to use a swearword. He thought of the worst thing he knew and said it loudly in his head.


They didn't know better than to poop on the floor."