Black History Month Project


Jesse Owens

(1) Even though Jesse Owens was the best track athlete he still couldnt get a scholarship.

(2) His birth name is James Cleveland Owens.

(3) His nickname is Buckeye Bullet.

(4) He died of lung cancer.

(5) He has a street in Berlin and a medical center in Arizona named after him.

(6) Also he has two U.S. postage stamps in honor of him.

(7) Married to Minnie Ruth Solomon in 1935 and had three daughters together.

(8) He was born in Oakville, Alabama on September 12, 1913.

(9) Grew up in Alabama he was the best track and field athlete in the NCAA, winning eight individual championships in two years.

(10) In the early 1920`s his family moved to Cleveland Ohio to search for better economic and education.

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Diahann Carroll

(1) She was born as Carol Diann Johnson in Harlem,NYC on July 17, 1935.

(2) Her parents name are John and Mabel Johnson.

(3) Also her parents left her with her sister when she was just one and a half years old.

(4) Mr.Johnson worked as (among other things) a subway conductor, for a while he worked at a printing company.He also rented out rooms near where they live in Harlem.

(5) Parents got divorced circa 1968.

(6) Her younger sisters name is Lydia.

(7) Diahann married Monte Kay in 1956.

(8) They first met each other they worked as a casting director for House of Flowers.