Jenna's Creative Poetry

By: Jenna Jessen



I Wonder

I wonder how the world will look in 50 years.

Will I ever know?

Will it be any different?

I wonder if I will become a doctor.

Will I like it?

Will people like me?

I wonder who I will marry.

Who will he be?

What will he be like?

I wonder what I will do after I graduate.

Will I go to college?

Will I get a good job?

I wonder when I will have kids.

What will they look like?

How many kids will I have?

I wonder why the world can't be peaceful.

Why do we have to have war?

Why can't people get along?

I wonder!

I Wish

I Wish

I didn't have to go to school

and never had homework

and never had to wake up early

I wish I were an Iowa basketball player

who was a good player

I wish

I had a waterpark

in my backyard

that I could have fun with

while swimming with my friends

I wish

that humans could fly

we could fly so high

turning winter into summer

with our magical powers

And I wish

that more animals would survive because it's not cold

they would all be happy

I wish

I were a doctor

who could help all people

how wonderful it would be

who could cure all diseases

it would help so many people

If only I could do it

I wish

I were a swimming pool

making so many people have fun

and helping them learn how to swim.

I Used To But Now

I used to be a baby

sleeping all the time

and not caring about anything

But now I've grown

taller and stronger

wanting to do any things

going to school, playing sports, and having fun

I don't want to grow up

I used to feel like I couldn't do much

But now I wonder if

I can do anything I try

I have to keep telling myself I can

I used to feel that dreams could be true

and it would happen one day

But now I feel

that it's what you think about at night

and it's what sticks in your mind all night

I used to be a little toddler with pig tails

Now I'm a kid with pony tails and braids

and you'd better have realized I've grown up

I used to be small

not worrying about anything

But now I've grown

and I think about a lot of things

I used to be in gymnastics flipping and tumbling away

But now I'm in basketball

and many other sports

I used to be small

trying to reach the cookies

and not quite being tall enough

But now I'm taller

and the cookies taste good...


What Every Mom Says

Be nice to your brother and sister

Be respectful and responsible

Do what is right

Be quiet

Go to your room

I said no

Have a good day


I love you

Terse Verse

What A Person Can Be



What The Boy Saw Outside




Erin White

Always put up a good fight

Even though we put himself through pain

He always did well in the game.

Jenna Jessen was in the rain

she started to feel pain

so she went inside

to find a ride.


The flying object

I saw chirping on a tree

Was a gorgeous bird.



Amazing, Fun

Running, Shooting, Scoring

Clapping, Cheering, Hollering, Yelling



Jenna is what they call me

Exciting things is what I like

Nice is what I like to be

Nature is what I like to see

And I love playing sports.


There was a large dog named Mog,

Who loved his toy frog;

He whispered to his mate, "You look great,"

She then put up a gate,

Which saddened a large dog named Mog.