Ancient Legendary JudoBot ...Wrath

Description of performance


Our Ancient legendary JudoBot ( Wrath ) was constructed from Posicle sticks, hot glue, craft cubes, syringes, and pipes, along with the help of specialized water imported from Atlantis.

Wrath features the use of many colours of Popsicle sticks and white ones with paint. The syringes used are from many different companies.

As we say, " No two companies are alike!"

Now, onto the device performance.

Our JudoBot uses 4 syringes in total to move the blade, called Totsuka Blade, to move up and down. 2 of the syringes are attached to the blade and the base. The pipe connects the first 2 syringes to the other two syringes. The pipes are filled with water, creating pressure on both syringes, causing one to follow the other.

For example, if one syringe comes down, the other goes up.

Since the syringe is connected to the blade, if the syringe goes up, the blade goes up.

For now, don't spoil our secret, for our JudoBot will bring pain and judgement to the world.