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DWI Champion Donation Opportunities


Employment Support

Greater Community Access (Transportation)

Classroom Support (Salmon, Idaho Falls, and Rexburg)

Greater Community Engagement (Zoo Passes, Museum Passes, etc.)

Educational Programs (Art, Music, and Cultural)


Greatest Need (General Support)


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Develop, Worth, and Independence

Development Workshop, Inc. is currently going through a rebrand to eventually be known as DWI. This rebrand hopefully will remove some of the stigmas that come with being known as a "Developmental" and a "Workshop" agency.

The new DWI will focus on the words

Develop (verb) which is to grow or have cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate, to have Worth (preposition) which is to be treated equal in value to others, and to gain Independence (noun) providing freedom from outside control or support: the state of being independent.

As a non-profit corporation in the state of Idaho, we will need to take steps to ensure that we are covering all our bases legally. It will take some time to make all the changes necessary, but we now have a new logo that represents the equal value of the D the W, and the I. You may start to see it slowly begin to show up in some areas that we can quickly make those changes (letterhead, business cards, webpage), but in some cases, it will be some time for changes (car decals, company building signs,) We wanted to keep the core look the same and not get so far away from the branding that most people are familiar with.

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Graduation Day

Patrick has worked at Chick-fil-A Ammon for about 10 years and has made a decision (in agreement with his employer) that he no longer requires job coaching services and has reached his level of independence on his job.

Job Coaches assist individuals in understanding job tasks and focus on outcomes with the employers so that everyone understands the expectations. By discontinuing job coaching services, Patrick will advocate for himself and fulfill his role without a third-party supporter.

Vocational Services Coordinator Suzy Hersh presented Patrick with his certificate and a gift card. He was also joined by his Job Coach Mary and his shift leads Kaysia and Ayliah to recognize his accomplishment.

Next time you visit Chik-Fil-A, say hello to and congratulate Patrick.


To learn more about our services please go to https://www.dwinc.org/community.../employment-services/


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DWI Online Store is now OPEN (Apparel, Lunchboxes, Hats Etc....)


Items can be picked up locally at


FUEL'D Apparel and Design
If you have any questions please Contact Tiffanie

Phone: 208-522-7825

Email: tiffanie@livefueld.com

A-Team Idaho

Unite persons with diverse abilities and their family members to advocate in a grassroots effort, create awareness in the community and advise those who care for our citizens with special needs to ensure service choices and opportunities.

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A-Team DWI Monthly Meeting (Person Served and Families)

Tuesday, Aug. 22nd, 10:30am-12pm

555 West 25th Street

Idaho Falls, ID


Organize efforts to support individuals with diverse abilities and their rights.

• Educate government officials

• Action Alerts

• Petition drives


Promote the accomplishments and everyday obstacles overcome by persons with diverse abilities and their family members to ensure their authentic stories are shared throughout the community.

• Social Media

• Video testimonials

• Radio/ TV promotion


Provide both peer support and organizational feedback to meet the current and future needs of persons with diverse abilities.

• Network, Grassroots Advocacy Website

• Learn and share knowledge

• Forums and team meetings